Winterizing without vacuum chamber for vape pen.

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  1. tl;dr

    • What is the effect on taste using winterized product in vape pen that has only had a hot bath, no vacuum purge?
    • Anyone use "The Source" ethanol extractor or a rosin press? Which would you recommend/prefer?
    • Does adding terpenes instead of retaining the original profile effects the quality in any tangible way?
    • Does Connoisseur Concentrates actually work with any extract, meaning one with a high wax content?
    • Is everything I'm saying completely wrong and misguided?
    • If all this has been answered and is easily found, mea culpa.

    Recently I bought True Terpenes brand diluent. In my haste I neglected to read the information stating their product works for winterized extracts and distillate only. So, this sent me down a rabbit hole of many things I've never heard of.

    The BHO I have available for me has not been winterwized. It's clean, but has a high wax content (or appears too according to everything I've found)

    After learning what this process is, I'm curious as to what the effect of the taste of the end product will be in I only use a hot bath to purge the ethanol?

    Also, anyone ever use "The Source" ethanol extractor? Was thinking of getting this and this seems to be an all in one extract/de-wax system/reclaim setup. Of course it may not be, this may just be an assumption in error. I do not mind the terpene content (What I've read states rosin extracts retain the profile the best) considering I can add the profile, unless of course, adding the profile effects the overall quality as opposed to retaining the original profile.

    I'm thinking either this or a rosin press if I can justify the investment. But, though the wax content would be minimal, from what I've found around 20%, would that be enough to create a poor end results if the product is required to be de-waxed?

    Also, Connoisseur Concentrates make it seem as if their product can be used with any extract, they explicitly said that actually. Is this true. Does their product work and continue to work with a high wax concentrate? Their site is down for maintenance and I can not find an answer to this.

    Of course, all of this could have been answered many times over and I've simply not worded my search well enough, or searched well enough.

    Still, thank y'all for any input.
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  2. Ill be winterizing this weekend.
  3. And vaccuming. First try.
  4. Did you get The Source?
  5. I haven't gotten it yet, still trying to figure out if it's worth the investment. I did winterize and purge the ethanol just using a double boiler system. I did not get all of the Everclear out, the taste was present, though, I kind of liked it, it was a "fresh" taste. I only did 1/4 oz as a test, and only did one run. I got around 0.3/0.4 g of waxes/lipids out and didn't feel like buying more Everclear since I was not able to remove it all using only the double boiler.
    The Everclear seemed to evaporate out over time however, at least to a point where I could not taste it. It was sitting for a few days in a closed but not air tight container, while I was waiting on my terpenes to arrive.

    The wax/lipid content was still to high to stay suspended in a 10% terpene mixture however, which sucked, but was not a waste. I just reclaimed it from the cartridge and dab'd it. I ended up getting wax liquidizer, and though the product worked well, the ratio they recommend was way too much of their product. I'm going to do another run soon and work my way up at 10% increments to see what the minimum ratio I'd need would be. Which I should have done in the first place, but hey, we live, we fuck up, we learn.

    If I can't find a connection for some less waxy/fatty concentrate, then I may end up getting the source. Because if I need a vacuum chamber and pump, I may as well get the all in one for a few hundred more. Still, I'd rather have a nicer discretionary buffer if I'm going to drop $500+.

    How'd your run go?
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    DaCapoAlCoda when you say BHO (Butaine Hash Oil)?
    Winterized ( put in freezer for 48 hrs)
    Did you get to look at the pic I posted?
    I have no experience in connoisseur concentrate yet. I’m holding off on the IOS. I have found no one likes the taste. I didn’t do the double broiler. I let air dry, then scraped it all around and went to bed. I like the can dab it for sure. It’s good.l have done a vacuum filter no purge.

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  8. Yes butane hash oil, and winterizing by mixing a 20:1 Everclear:concentrate tincture, and allowing to deep freeze for 48 hours, well, more like 52 or so. I should have probably let it sit longer to better precipitate the waxes out, or maybe had a higher ratio of Everclear, but I said screw it and was more wanting to experiment with the pens.

    Picks look good, that's a nice slab after evaporating. I wonder what makes the solution black. I've seen some videos where it is black and some where it is what I had, an amber, translucent colour, but no one was addressing why.

    The taste is an issue I'm having with Wax Liquidizer, when burned very low or for a short time it taste great. I had added some terpenes from True Terpenes and added them in (Super Lemon Haze) and the taste was very nice when hit in short periods. I had used the recommended ratio for Wax Liquidizer which was too much of their product in my opinion, a greater ratio of concentrate may hinder that taste.

    But the stuff is not meant to be burned very hot and that is producing the almost plastic/acrid taste, at short intervals of vaporizing, the taste was good. Using a stabilized extract (winterwized), you'll be able to use a >11% terpene mixture, which will keep the pen at around the 80% by volume mark. That's why if I can not get access to shatter, I'm likely to end up making it, it's just again, that's a nice chunk of change lol

    True Terpenes, though their shipping time was long (2 weeks both times I've ordered from them), and I'm sure they up charge a fair amount, their adjustable pippettes retail at around $30, they are selling them at $99.
    Their product was good, their flavorless was fair (though I tasted almost a note of bannana's, but nothing is truly flavorless. I've also tasted this with the pens from Colorado). And their "Super Lemon Haze" terpene mixture matched the strain very well.

    By the way, what do you mean when you say " I’m holding off on the IOS", what do you mean by "IOS".

    lol that's a line out of a show called "Squidbillies", a good 'ol cartoon about drunk and meth'd out country squids. Just makes me feel at home haha

  9. Sorry IOS -3 QuarterMaster it’s in the book (Cannabis Alchemy) I’ve been reading and using.I didn’t do the twenty minute water bath to remove the chlorophyll. Which sucks, I hate the green.
    I’ve never ordered terpines yet. I haven’t found a lot of people that like the taste of the oil from IOS-3 or IOS-4 machine. The source is the other machine. We can spend all kinds of money on these toys. I really want to fill my on cartridges. I like Rove brand out of Cali . 1/2 g $60.00 1g $100.00 . What I made you saw will FUCK you up. I’m going to make another run June29th leaving 4 a week Caribbean. I’ll b watching you for advice and help. That was the first time for me making GD Tensure. It works.Have you found anyone who has used The Source?
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    Should well I am going to put this in the freezer while I gone for a week. What do you think? Black is from chlorophyll
  11. I know I write a lot, mea culpa, but it's funny, this takes about 5 minutes to say, but requires a short book to write lol

    I've not talked to anyone about "The Source", I figured I'd wait 'till I had the capitol to drop, then talk to people about personal experiences. I've watched a few video's, and user reviews, it's seems like a decent product. And the concept is fairly simple. I could imagine your heating element would bust after a while and your thermostat would probably be the most likely thing to need somewhat continual replacement, as they seem to be in 60%+ of devices.

    I never assume to high a quality on those components, I'd rather just drop the expectation and be impressed if it passes 'em.

    For me, 95% Everclear is readily available and relatively cheap, not to mention, if I did Everclear extractions, I could put some aside for myself as a tincture, before purging. That's my main reason for leaning towards that over butane or other solvent based extractions, if I were to do this myself, the product at any stage, is always consumable in some form. I mean, it's Everclear, so dosage is very important, so maybe we won't say safe lol, but, consumable.

    I thought of a rosin press. It's just a to heat plates used as a press. But, I've read the wax/lipid content could be assumed somewhere around 20%, which if I'm going to buy something, I'd rather get the most stable extract by the end I could. Though, it did look very stable, so I'm probably splitting hairs. Though the rosin press is much more simple, so, you can get them for around $300.

    As far as making the vape pens, assuming that's what you are talking about when you say carts, I'v used Wax Liquidizer, and True Terpenes so far.

    True Terpene's doesn't recommend using a ratio greater than ~10% / gram of concentrate of their product.

    I used that ratio with crumble, the second time using the product and it didn't work very well at all. Maybe about half of it stayed vapable while the remainder re-solidified. I just reclaimed it and smoked it.

    My first time using True Terpene's I used ~30% of their product / gram of concentrate. It worked out great, and I had no issues with it.

    But, after talking to them and learning they did not and could not recommend a ratio greater than ~10%, and then reading about the realistic, though generally never life threatening effects of terpene toxicity, I bought some Wax Liquidizer until I could get a hold of some shatter.

    I just sent a message to someone I'm talking to about this so I'll copy and paste it if you're interested in my experience with Wax Liquidizer. Again, I write a lot... I'll post it as a separate response.
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  12. "... Our guy was able to hook up with a new distributor, so I got another 1/4 oz.

    He had shatter this time. Using Wax Liquidizer, I was able to make a ratio of 1g:0.6 ml that works very well in the carts and has no separation, solidifying type issues.

    I initially carted a 1g:0.5 ml ratio but when it cooled the viscosity was so high the fluid was essentially stuck in place. I suppose the surface area could just barely not break because of how compact the 0.5 ml tanks are, or maybe that 0.1 ml added makes that significant of a difference.

    Either way, their 1g:2ml Wax Liquidizer is ridiculous, even for the crumble we used.

    I heated the cart's I filled with the 1:0.5 ratio to get the fluid out and added another 0.1 ml making the 1:0.6 ratio, and that lowered the viscosity just enough to slowly flow and move after it cooled. The product is much thicker than the distillate pens, but, is still as effective, in use.

    When vaped, it became much more fluid, even after the first hit, there was enough heat to lower the viscosity significantly.

    I gave one to my buddy and he loved it, It's been a couple days, still without any issues of separation or diminished function. We only carted 1 g of hash in case this ratio had problems over time. Tonight we are going to make up the rest since everything seems disco.

    Granted, Wax Liquidizer, I believe, is a PG/PEG blend, and that may work better as an emulsifier for hash than terpenes, I do not know.

    I am going to order True Terpene's diluent again and try it with the shatter we have. But, both times I've ordered from them, it took around two weeks to receive the package, so it will be a while.

    After all was said and done I was able to get around 1.7 ml worth of end product minus a little bit remaining in the glass we used (~0.1 - 0.2).

    So, doing no math, just shooting a number, I'd put this at 60% - 70% BHO/EHO by volume using the Wax Liquidizer. I am not sure which this is, only that it is not Co2. Also, I am not sure how much the BHO vs. EHO would effect the end results, I'm assuming little if any.

    The bonus of the greater volume of hash was, the plastic/acrid taste that is present when burning the Wax Liquidizer PG/PEG, or whatever the blend may be, to hot, was significantly less present and did not overpower the taste of the hash at the ratio I used, which was very nice.

    When I get True Terpene's product, I am going to try and keep a low ratio of their product, and may experiment with using a mix of Wax Liquidizer and True Terpene's if somehow I can get a greater hash by volume per pen."
  13. It looks good in the pic where you're holding it up. It's not "crystal clear", but it's definitely a nice translucent amber. Potent for sure. I recall reading about the ISO before now that you bring it up, but didn't really read much. I liked the idea of an Everclear extraction over the others. What do you mean about the taste?
  14. People I talk to ,who have actually used the ISO-3,Quarter Master. If terpines clan be added I don’t see why taste can’t be altered to ones liking. Have you talked to anyone using True Source.
  15. I am not sure if you are asking of "The Source" or "True Terpene's"

    If it is The Source, then no, I was going to wait until I was in a better position to purchase an extraction device.

    If you are asking of True Terpene's. I've used both their diluent and their "Super Lemon Haze" terpenes.

    Their "flavorless" diluent was nice. Though I did note a very light taste of banana's, or something to the liking, which I've noticed in the distillate pens I've gotten from Colorado/California.

    I am thinking the terpenes used for a flavorless profile are contributing to that taste, as light as it may be, but of course, nothing is truly flavorless or scent free. It did not in any significant way, effect the taste of the hash I was using, and when burned, produced no noticeable after taste.

    Their Super Lemon Haze, which is sourced from internationally legal plants, not cannabis plants, was also something I liked from them.

    It was pretty good as far as matching the profile of the strain. There was the sweet lemon, almost lemon verbena kind of presence with lite notes of fresh, sharp (best way I can describe it) pine, and maybe a subtle hint of a sweet mint or spearmint, I'm not sure, the mint like taste was very subtle and did not stand out, it blended with the overall profile very well.

    I'm not a fan of mint so I'm glad for that, but I love the lemon taste with the overtones of pine.
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  16. Sounds like you know about which terpinene’s to buy, I haven’t bought any .ive been reading about fractional distillation, have you tried this or know anyone doing fractional distillation. I’ll start Tuesday, GD with hot water bath 4 20 minutes to remove cholorophi. Leaving Miami heading for Caribbean! I believe Super Lemon haze will be ready 4 harvest July 15th or so.

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    1L-5L 110V 0-120rpm High Performance Lab Rotary Evaporator Rotavapor SENCO Equipment w/Motor Lift, Digital Heating Bath, Condenser Full Set of Glassware Kits RE-201D RE-501

    check out the link above. What do you think? Too much?

    The source is in the list with the link.

    Do you agree: different temperatures produce different products like CBD, THC and so many more? One would not need a 1000ml flask maybe 500 or 250 ml depending on how much product is ready.
    I’m going to spend some time today reading through our talks. I might be repeating my self a lot. Haha LOL drunk
    I’ll be doing first BHO also amazon delivered tube. What else do I need?

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