Winterizing without vacuum chamber for vape pen.

Discussion in 'DIY and Homemade' started by DaCapoAlCoda, May 17, 2018.

  1. tl;dr

    • What is the effect on taste using winterized product in vape pen that has only had a hot bath, no vacuum purge?
    • Anyone use "The Source" ethanol extractor or a rosin press? Which would you recommend/prefer?
    • Does adding terpenes instead of retaining the original profile effects the quality in any tangible way?
    • Does Connoisseur Concentrates actually work with any extract, meaning one with a high wax content?
    • Is everything I'm saying completely wrong and misguided?
    • If all this has been answered and is easily found, mea culpa.

    Recently I bought True Terpenes brand diluent. In my haste I neglected to read the information stating their product works for winterized extracts and distillate only. So, this sent me down a rabbit hole of many things I've never heard of.

    The BHO I have available for me has not been winterwized. It's clean, but has a high wax content (or appears too according to everything I've found)

    After learning what this process is, I'm curious as to what the effect of the taste of the end product will be in I only use a hot bath to purge the ethanol?

    Also, anyone ever use "The Source" ethanol extractor? Was thinking of getting this and this seems to be an all in one extract/de-wax system/reclaim setup. Of course it may not be, this may just be an assumption in error. I do not mind the terpene content (What I've read states rosin extracts retain the profile the best) considering I can add the profile, unless of course, adding the profile effects the overall quality as opposed to retaining the original profile.

    I'm thinking either this or a rosin press if I can justify the investment. But, though the wax content would be minimal, from what I've found around 20%, would that be enough to create a poor end results if the product is required to be de-waxed?

    Also, Connoisseur Concentrates make it seem as if their product can be used with any extract, they explicitly said that actually. Is this true. Does their product work and continue to work with a high wax concentrate? Their site is down for maintenance and I can not find an answer to this.

    Of course, all of this could have been answered many times over and I've simply not worded my search well enough, or searched well enough.

    Still, thank y'all for any input.

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