Wintering crops?

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  1. Hey all!

    I've become an avid gardener over the past couple years, and am preparing to garden over the winter. I have a 4-seasons room for the sensitive plants, but I also want to grow something outdoors over the winter. Temperatures here range from 20-60 degrees in the winter, although it is rare to see freezing temperatures for more than a few days. I'm hoping I can find a hardy cold weather plant like winter wheat or winter cauliflower and put my garden to use!

    I found a few websites about wintering crops, and will post pictures once I come up with a plant. :) Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

    Fall and Winter Vegetable Planting Guide

    Growing Winter Crops

    Winter crops that can tough it out : Dave Stockdale : City Brights
  2. Good luck!

    It gets to cold here to grow winter crops, we have temps below freezing during the winter for weeks / months at a time :(

    Eventually I'd like to have a nice big green house, that's temp regulated, that I can grow veggies during the winter.

    Hope all goes well for ya :smoke:
  3. Growing most anything outdoors during winter in Colo is pretty much impossible. It gets way to cold at night and the soil temps are too low as well. Try to stick some containers inside facing south and you should have better luck.

  4. Thanks! Right now I'm working with a portable 2ft x 3ft bed of broccoli and soon-to-be-harvested corn. I plan to put it on the porch and bring it out on nice days. In the soil, I'm thinkin winter wheat, winter cauliflower and a few other slow-growing winter plants. Weather where I live is not like the rest of Colorado. I'm kinda hoping for a winter like we had 2 years ago when it was 70 in January. :)

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