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Winter time smoking

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TheJSmoker420, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. I dont know why but whenever winter comes by I seem to get more bud than in the summer and i love going to the park smoking from a pipe in a very warm coat in 3+ feet of snow and just watching things go by anybody else feels like this?
  2. You get better shit in the winter time because everythings being grown indoor during the winter. And indoor is Generally better than outdoor.
  3. Not too mention, the market is usually full from all the outdoor growers / sellers having just harvested. By mid summer, there just isnt as much stuff around that is locally grown. At least that is the way it is here.
  4. What these guys said

    The summer is normally the only time I have to smoke. I still live with my folks and during the summer they work a lot. Winter smoking is alright. Where I live it's been getting colder in winter and smoking outside is only sustainable for a few minutes until your face turns blood red from the cold.
  5. Oh yea I love smoking while snowboarding. Nothing beats blazing a joint and then bumpin thru some freshies.
  6. yeah i love the winter, couple of year's ago me and a couple friend's each rolled a joint then suited up and constructed a huge igloo and had a garbage can lid that fit perfectly in the entrance and we all light our joint's and fishbowled the shit out of the igloo. it was so crazy that you couldn''t even see the cherries from the joint's. And the fact that like 50 percent of my town's population just leaves in the winter this place is like a ghost town.
  7. I love it as well. When I was in college me and my friends walked to the park down the street to smoke our bud, or hot boxed the car lol. I've always found indoor grown better than out, that is from what I get to choose from.

    It was great, a little cold sometimes but fun. The park was almost always empty, and the cops even approached us regularly but they didn't ever try to arrest us. They knew what we were doing, they would come smoke a cig with us. I miss those days :/

    Now I just smoke in my backyard on the patio.
  8. Last winter I was getting weed from this locally famous rapper shit was FIRE like nothing I've ever seen. ...i miss winter
  9. alotta people grow outside over summer..

    now that I think about it, the better funk was around during the fall
  10. I get good shit all year around. Benefits of indoor bud. indoor > outdoor.
  11. Doesn't snow in Tejas, but I have to say snow is very beautiful so I would like to experience it at least once.
  12. I love toking during winter, especially because I'm in pure heat for more then half of the year where I live. :D
  13. thats why i love texas, i cann smoke in the winter and it will be warmer then other places summer
  14. I love it in the winter because it feels so great. And then just going out in the snow or exploring in the cold... AMAZING

  15. You really have too. its the most amazing experience. I once was on a "hill" (mountain basically) and saw a bunny hop across a pure white field with snow falling gently and street lamps lighting it. so perfect.
  16. I feel like the high is different in Winter compared to Summer.

  17. Exactly. I find it more peaceful and enjoyable. (I love everything cold)
  18. Yeah i agree, the high is probly different because the bud is diff. People grow outdoors everywere and harvest is ushaly early sep to end of october so it snows like 3ft and were all stuck in the house with a bag of fresh picked produce, thats what goonie haha, twords the end of summer people are running out of fire, but theres always indoor if your lucky.
  19. I don't know what it is about smoking out in the snow, but I love that shit!

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