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Winter Smoking?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ktoke, Nov 3, 2014.

  1. Hey Blades, it's starting to get cold here at the shore, which brings about a big problem for me. Part of the reason I love my room is that it was meant to be storage, so the vents don't work (which means the only place for smoke to go is out the window). However in the winter, my room is about the same temperature as outside
    I'd love to keep smoking, but I can't leave my window open to air the smoke out. The logical choice would be smoke outside, but my bedroom is 3 floors up. Not exactly easy to walk up stairs high, plus my disability.
    So what can I do to get rid of the smell without opening the window? I know about Ozium, but its 10$ for a small bottle at the only place I can find it.
    Do smoke killing candles work? Or febreeze? Or am I just kinda stuck with being cold if I wanna smoke?
  2. Sploof or a smoke buddy with a candle combo could work. Is there any room for a space heater possibly? You could crack the window enough to blow smoke out and have a space heater running next to you so you aren't freezing while smoking.

    Ozium works well if there are no other options available.
  3. Not great financially in my house, space heater draws too much electricity.
    Worst comes to worse, I can deal with a bit of cold. I'll make it through. My other concern is temperature shock on my glass pieces. Usually they're wrapped in a sweatshirt for protection, but holding a lighter up to a glass piece in 40 weather makes me a little nervous
  4. I'm no expert when it comes to glass, but if you have a bowl I would just warm it up in my hands a bit before I start using it in the cold, otherwise maybe keep the bigger pieces away if you're concerned about damage. Sounds to me like bundling up and rolling a nice fresh joint could be your worst case scenario!
    Best of luck to ya, I know the pain of smoking in the cold my friend.
  5. get a one hitter.  i had a similar situation and i would just poke my head out of the window and take a hit.  light it while your head is outside.
  6. Candles, the 24 ounce size. If you purchase two or more you get the added benefit of a little bit of warmth, especially if the room is airtight.
    View attachment 145092
  7. I finally know what it feels like to be an eff'n greaser, smoking out my window in a leather jacket
  8. Yeah. once im high i automatically just cant walk up stairs. Wtf? :confused: :confused: :confused:
  9. I have a neuromuscualr disease, it basicay takes away all my sense of balance and my feeling of where my body resides in space. My older brother, who has it also, is in a wheelchair, and has to sleep on the couch, cuz he can't walk upstairs to get to his room. Im not as bad, but i still have to use a walker in everyday life. So no, I can't walk upstairs when I'm high. Think before you speak.
  10. True that brother. Unfortunately ignorance and lack of careful thought are too prevalent these days. That sounds awful, I hope smoking bud brings you some comfort to your condition , or just to your life anyways ! Peace bro.

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  11. Damn. The guns are out

    Is there any chance of getting a propane heater? It's a bit of an investment for the piece and the first tank (I think the heater element is about $40-50 and the first tank is like $30), but once you have the tank, it's only like $15 or something for each refill and they last a couple of weeks depending on how long/high you have it turned on

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  12. Make a Sploosh (toilet paper roll stuffed with dryer sheets with one streched over and secured with a rubber band on the end) and exhale through it.

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