Winter shed grow setup help

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  1. Hello GC. Looking for some advice on my near future set up.
    Lights: 400w HPS
    Method: Bubbleponics/DWC
    Medium: Coco Coir
    Ave external temp:
    Aug: 20C/68F
    Sep: 15C/59F
    Oct: 10C/50F
    Nov: 3C/37.4F
    Dec: -3C/26.6F

    First off Ive never grown indoors before. Im building an insulated grow room in a pre-existing shed (double layer hard plastic). Using 2x3 or 2x2 with plywood and insulation blah blah.

    *sorry for the crude sketch but at least you get the idea lol
    Behind and connected to the shed will be a tarped area for my lawn mower (relevance comes later).

    The 5 gallon bucket will be off the ground and suspended by the "shelf" of plywood and inside its own ported encloser (trying to maintain proper water temp.) Along with the airpump. It has a sightglass and drain.
    Will having its own section cause issues? Should i forgo the seperate sections and just keep it off the ground which is made of wood.

    Exhaust will be drawn to the ceiling and into the shed (help maintain overall temp.) (Inline Fan not pictured or bought yet lol)

    Passive intake can be either drawn from inside shed. Or from the tarped area but worried it might be to cold even with the lack of snow and direct wind.
    *Should it draw into the bucket level or capapy level (assuming i choose to make 2 levels)
    *I also have bought a 4" duct booster fan i can use so it wont be passive if you think it would be better.

    Ballast location. Ive heard they can get pretty hot so im wondering if i should place it plant level or bucket level mostly depends on average tempature in each section i would assume.
    *if ballast and lights cannot keep water temp up i will buy an aqaurium heater.

    Im not looking for miracle answers here i know i dont have all the information i need like internal temperatures as its not build or winter yet lol. Just looking for some advice on design errors to avoide costly mistakes.

    Thank you all in advance.
  2. Damn man only 68 in august? And only 26 in December? I wanna move there shit 100+ in august some days and down to 0 in some colder months.

    You should make due with a fan and a space heater... you should be able to especially with the hps during colder months keeping the canopy warm.

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  3. Seal the grow room, sod the ventilation and add co2.
  4. Pretty sure he's figured it out a year and a half ago father!
  5. Not really, changed to a warmer location.
    I kept adding to the set up but nothing could keep the cold out for long unless I wanted to run a heater (which I didnt want to).
    Would it have been possible yes but not worth it.

    Your Friendly neighborhood 187

    187's second indoor DWC grow LSD & OG Kush & "Master Berry Kush"
  6. Oh no way. I have a shed grow going with a 400 watt hid in southern Ontario. It's been a learning curve with the temps but I think I have it dialed in now.

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