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  1. Hey all i was wondering if someone can let me know ASAP, i live in ontario canada and want to grow some pot over the winter, it will get pretty cold here definitly in the minuses i wanted to know if my pot plants will survive in a bunky, now they will be in a big wardrobe and have the lights always on to keep them warm, the doors will be kept closed and i will also have a little portable heater i could probably put in there as well, with all that will they survive and stay warm enough?
    If so will i need a fan still with it being that cold?
  2. I am assuming they are autoflowering plants? Since you mentioned have the lights on 24/0 for heat.

    Also what kind of lights are you using? As a heater draws a lot of juice ~1500watts. You may need a separate circuit for just the heater. So you don't throw your breaker.

    You will need whether they are active/passive that is up to you. At least one of each I would recommend; intake and out take for air circulation. And a fan inside the wardrobe for strengthening your stems and promoting good quality growth.

    If the air inside of the wardrobe is warm an oscillating fan should be fine. However they make fan heaters that blow hot air over coils and out via a fan which may be enough for blowing on the plants, however the hot air may dry them out a bit too much.

    Some things to keep in mind. Hope this helped.
  3. That is a ton of great information thank you, no the lights will not be on 24/7 this is going to be my first indoor grow as i just got my license, ive grown outdoor once and theres a huge difference between growing outdoors and indoors,

    I will need a lot of help if you or someone who is willing to help out a noob could PM me i would be greatful.

    I have not yet selected a seed, i want somehting that will be short bushy easy for beginners and good for ulcerative colitis basically something to take inflamation down and pains away, i heard purple strains are good and G-13 i believe was supposed tobe good i would also like something that does not smell to much or smells more fruity and not like weed but it is a lot to ask for.

    I have not yet figured out the lighting schedule and all that stuff. The heater will just be a normal heater to try and keep the little bunky warm and then the lights will keep the wardrobe box very warm too.

    For the air intake or out take what is the best option for the wardrobe should i just drill a hole in the bottom of it or what sorry again a complete noob and have no idea yet.
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    I am not sure exactly what would be the best fit for your condition. I can recommend any kind of autoflowering strain with the majority being indica so it has short bushy traits.

    A good indoor autoflowering starter strain would be Northern Lights :D

    Also for air flow, I have my active out take at the top right of my tent, since hot air rises, and my active intake is sucking outside air into the tent on the bottom left. Where the air is pumping into the tent, I have an oscillating fan blowing the fresh air across the canopy of my plants around and up and out the out take, essentially making a circle.
  5. okay Thanks so i think i will mount a rotating fan on the bottom of the wardrobe blowing up at the plants side to side and then have an out vent at the top to get rid of the air.

    now what size of lights should i use? i want to use 1 light for each plant

    and an auto flowering plant is a plant that will automatically start to bud correct? without me having to change the lighting.

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