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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by justbud, Oct 9, 2002.

  1. With winter arriving quickly to my northern area, I am presented with a small dillema. My small grow area has worked fine for my first grow. Its a box 6ft across, 6 and 1/2ft tall and 4 ft deep and handles 6 plants quite handily. The problem I face is that all of this goes on in an unheated garage. I have gotten a base board heater to wire into the grow area and will have it on a thermostat. What temperature do I need to keep the thermostat at? Is all of this dry air going effect my growing routine, if so, how?
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    First, you want to keep (ideally) the temp to 75-80o F.
    Also, this northern dry winter air might just be what the doctor ordered, if your flowering, low humidity could be good, as it will cause the plant to try and cool itself, thus produce more resin. I dont think the air being dry will negetively effect your plants, although I may be wrong, I havent seen anything to suggest otherwise yet.

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  3. to add to thtat. I beilive If I recall right, humidity should be kept at around 65-68? am I mistaken anyone? but like I said, i think the dry air will aid in resin production if your flowering.


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