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  1. Hey guys Iam new to the forum and very new to growing. I have been researching for weeks now but still having problems finding anyone to relate to. So I have a farm up here in Alberta, recently got my card and have decided to start growing on my own. I have a 10x16 garden shed in my yard that I built a separate 10x6 room in the back that is fully insulated and sealed up that houses the water filtration system for my house since I have no basement. I have painted the whole inside flat white and built a stand to hold my plants, I also just ordered a 600w hps light. Now it consistently gets down to -20 Celsius or colder all winter long here with snow on and off. I have the room heated so that my water system doesn't freeze, just with a ceramic mounted wall heater, it keeps it around 75 degrees in there and humidity is 40-60. My concerns are with ventilation, I know I need to be replacing the air in the room every 5-10 min and Iam unsure how to achieve this while keeping proper temp and humidity in there if Iam sucking in freezing cold air, I can take my intake air front the other room in the shed but is still cold. It's the perfect little room being that I have power and water in there already, I want to start with 4 plants then eventually set up two or three stations in there to have planets at all stages. Any advice would be very appreciated. I have been researching for weeks and have yet to find anyone to really compare to for advice or anything that's why Ian searching out now!
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  2. Get a grow tent and keep a heater or several inside the tent with your plants the cold air shouldn't matter as much then.
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  3. Or get a second heater for the other room
  4. I have no problem with heating in the room since I have it heated already for my house water system, just need a way to replace the air in the room every 5 min without freezing everything as I have no place to pull in warm fresh air. I'd like to avoid having to use a tent since I have this whole 6x10 room I can use. I was thinking of putting an inline heater in my intake ducting possibly just to heat the air a little as it's coming in so it doesn't shock the plants and I can maintain temperature. Iam really new to this though.
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  5. Do you care about smell? If not you don't need to pull that's much air. The heavy exhaust is mainly to keep negative pressure. If you just want to make sure they have air to breath I'm sure you would be OK with a few fans blowing to keep air moving on the plants and a few trips a day just to open the door would work. Or co2.
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  6. I need to point out that Alberta winters are dry as a great grandmother who lives in a desert and not had a drink for a year so I would worry about the humidity building up. Or at least that is what I remember about my time in red deer.
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  7. Smell isn't an issue, so just a few oscillating fans in the room would be fine? I could definitely pop the door open a couple times a day or even put a 4" intake and exhaustion there into the other section of the shed, my heater would be able to keep up and I'd still get some air in there, and in the real cold days just block off the vents. CO2 is a whole different can of worms I don't know much about.
  8. It can definitely be dry during the winter here for sure, would a dehumidifier setup work? I maintain 40-60 in there now but there's also nothing growing yet. Iam realizing now that this setup isn't ideal but I really want to make it work, I don't have a place in the house I can grow and none of my other buildings are heated yet as I just started building my shop. And the garage I keep just above 0.
  9. Exactly what I was thinking
  10. I would not worry about humidity (RH) right now, you will do OK as and co2 would most likely be a waste but I have never run it. I think it is more for guys who are to hot.

    Can't wait to see your set up. Good your lights up and some beans in the ground brother!
  11. You can build a small lung room just inside next to the box that you put a small heater in to warm that air then pull that air into your room

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  12. This is a very informative thread. I grow mine in the garden sheds behind the house. One of the main thing that I learned is that the more water you give, the faster they would grow. Having a good drainage system is important. A drip system would help alleviate the stress of needing to hand water your plants all the time. Water timers are also pretty useful. It helps give you a break if you want to.
  13. I have a grow in my shed also.. an just make it a sealed room, trust me I will be better off.. 1 problem I had was sucking in freezing cold or really hot air thru ur passive intake.. an if ur heating the room then an exhaust fan WILL suck all the heat out an you will be heating for nothing.. trust me.. that's how I originally setup an had to end up changing to a sealed room... well In the process now.. because unless u have a conditioned space to pull ur intake air from.. it doesn't work to well.. just aomethin to think about anyway.. u could put a tent in the room an duck air from the room it's in but dunno how well that would work.. I have an 8inch exhaust an it sucks air thru cracks I didn't even know were there
  14. I see this is now an old thread and winter is pretty much over...How did it go?
    I too live in a cold climate and I grow in an insulated shed just like you. Like phil above suggests...I do not worry about running my exhaust/passive intake when it is extremely cold and my plants do just fine gathering their CO2 from my door openings. I would suggest getting a decent variac speed controller for your exhaust though as it allows for and occasional room air swap and a slow rate that won't hurt. I also have one of those radiator type heaters angled in from of my passive intake making any cold air first pass through the heater and hit a wall. The closest plant I usually put some board insulation in front of.
  15. Hey guys the shed setup didn't go so well as the temperatures stayed low this winter, ended up growing the plants out in a closet in the house, worked out well for 4 plants fimmed and lst'd I ended up with 20 ounces but have since moved into the shed full force. Working on getting more power in there now so I can run a few more lights but right now I have a 600w going over a 3x4 flood table with five plants in a 5x3 scrog, 3 weeks into veg now. I have three dripper lines going to each plant but a new problem has arose. Iam using RO water with Green Planet Dual Fuel Nutes and am having the ph constantly rise every day, I had an air stone in the res but have since just put a pump in to keep things stirred. I can mix everything up and it works out to a ph of 5.5 without using ph down. By the next morning it'll be up between 6.5-7. Trying to automate this as best as possible but not having much luck. Any advice would be appreciated thanks! I'll include some pictures tonight.
  16. Hey XP,

    Heres a thought. Suck air from outside and go straight through the hoods (will heat up the air) and have a passive exhaust. You will always have warm air coming in and the same going out. In summer reverse your fan.

    I pulled cold air from outside this winter but it came into the tent inside the house then through the hoods and back out. If you suck in too much cold air slow your fans a bit

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