Winter 2006 grow, InDoor

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  1. Hey everyone,
    I`m new in the site, and wanted 2 share with u my latets grow,

    I`m growing under HPS 250W, and in this cycle i wanted to try some new strains that i didn`t had the chance to taste yet.
    The first, is a friends masterpiece, KushXNebula.
    The other, is the unknown(yet) JulietXSweetCindy#99

    If someone had expirince with the second one, i would like to hear review from you:)

    Anyway, i don`t have much to say about my setup, if u have questions, ask:cool:
    The pictures are from 33 days in flowering:hello:


    Kush X Nebula

    Juliet X SweetCindy#99

    Both of them

    I tried to picture some macro stuff, and... I`m defently not a photographer!


    Thats it for now, soon more pics:)
  2. nice lookin plants.

    havent heard of either strain, but they dont look bad
  3. Heh, 10x!
    I love to try new things!
    I hope u got it right, its not the letter "X" between, it means they were crossed,
    Juliet X SweetCindy#99
    Kush X Nebula

  4. lol yeah, i know that the X means that strains were crossed.

    Never seen THOSE, feel me?

    is Sweet Cindy #99 the same as Cindy99?
  5. hay looking good ill be keepin aneye on then threw the flowerin stage!!:hello:
  6. thanks kerrupt! :)

    Sweet Cindy #99, is seed from BOG seedbank, that i got from my friend.
    From what i know, its better than Cindy99, and it has been crossed with BubbleGum too!
    The Juliet, is one side C99, and the other is NYCD, has a bit of JackHerrer in it(I Like!).
    Thats it, bouth of them suppose to be really good, i can`t wait to give them a shot:)
  7. No comments?:\

    I promise! new pictures soon! :wave:


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