Winningest Olympian in History

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by GlassMaster42O, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. Congrats Phelps, 10 medals and counting.

    You truly are an olympic hero.:hello:
  2. Bitch I just made a thread about this.

  3. Redundant threads in the incorrect forum

    Does it get better than this?
  4. i still prefer weissmuller.
  5. [​IMG]

    Tarzan really could swim like a fiend.
  6. Do you think that because you have a high rep you're the forum police? I posted in general, and added more information than the previous.

    It's not like I said he won a gold medal and put it in recreational marijuana use.


  7. hell yea, he was fucking undefeated.

    the man never lost a race.

    thats stellar.
  8. I can't control how high my rep is so that's irrelevant

    There are already NUMEROUS threads about the Olympics and swimming in particular that have been started in the All Sports forum. When you deliberately post in the wrong forum because another one doesn't get the same amount of traffic, you're adding to the problem.
  9. it happened already?!? wtf i'm going to watch it anyways on the telly
  10. Nice assumption, but I didn't deliberately do anything. I posted in this thread first, because, like the general description says, I COULDNT FIND THE PLACE. I looked after you told me that I posted in the wrong forum. Couldnt see it because the forum font is tiny as hell. Excuse me for missing the black writing on the green background in tiny ass font. I'm sorry.
    The other forums i saw didnt say a damn thing about him making history. Maybe you could give a flying fuck if youre country has a history making Olympic champion, but some people do, and I was informing THEM. Youre negative energy really wasnt required in this thread.

    Don't be so quick to assume.:smoking:
  11. There goes 11!
  12. Hell yeah! They smashed the record too! Phelps is 5 for 5 in world records:D

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