Winning the Road Rallye

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    Road Rallye, Scavenger Hunt, what ever you want to call it.

    7 cars. we meet up top at the mall's highest parking lot, the list is then sent out by text message and we begin. first we get the beer, because you know that its much more fun that way. and we needed to finish an 18 pack between the car and bring back the evidence. we picked a straight edge kid as our driver, so everyone else started drinking. we were in the car about 4-5 beers deep and we were arriving at one of the locations. i won't say where but its where we all worked, and where most of the stuff had to be done.

    We pull into the spot where we decided to park and behold, behind us cop sirens go off and the lights begin to flash. i look around the car, everyones holding a beer. I'm like fuck! i hit the dashboard, i thought we were gonna get arrested, open alcohol containers in the car. the cop comes over to my window asks the driver if hes been drinking. he gets a sobriety test which he obviously passes, the cop asks me whos car it is i say mine, which it is. he asks me to step out and i do.

    we talk for a little bit, he knew what i was doing there, and he asked for the list. I say i didnt have the list. he asked the for the people who organized the event, and i kept my mouth shut, i said even if i knew i wouldnt tell him. he respected that. he said that hes gonna go easy on us, that we would only get tickets, he wouldnt bring us down to the station if we cooperate.

    he asks me if i have any weed. i say no. he says if he searches the car hes going to bring me down to the station if he finds anything. i panic, i give him the little weed i had which might have been .02 grams. he takes it asks if i have any pills or anything else in the car i say no, he says ok, doesnt search the car, if he did, he woulda found more weed, a bong, a bowl, and a one hitter haha. yeah thank god for not having paraphernalia charges.

    so finally he writes up the tickets for me and everyone in my car, i told him before that the weed was only mine and noone elses, (there were all girls in the car, i was going to take the hit ;) ) he writes me up for possession of open alcohol containers, and posession of marijuana.

    in the state of ny, weed is decriminalized, whats going to happen to me next week in court if i plead guilty?

    oh yeah, and we won the road rallye by default, getting a ticket was 500 pts.
    i got two
    and warned everyone else to stay away from there

  2. weed is decriminalized in some degree, idk what would happen

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