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Winning the lottery.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Zeb0, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. I was watching that movie Lottery Ticket, and it made me think...what would i do with $200million?

    So yeah, what would be your TOP 5 things you would spend some of that money on?

    I would move the fuck out.
    Buy a pound of green.
    10 Pairs of chucks
    2 roors
    And 100 packs of papers.
  2. Dream Drum kit
    Dream house
    Shitloads of custom original bongs
    Start my own medical/dispensary grow company
    However, the very first thing would be to pay some very bright physicists (i have a few in mind) to teach me what they know....
    Karate kid style.
  3. Brand new car
    I would probably pay someone to grow me weed
    10 Bongs
  4. The pengest cars ... I would go to town. Loads of houses. And just ball out and party everyday
  5. I would buy a house for myself and then lots of large properties with or without houses that I would rent or develop for myself (a fairly large grow op would do).
  6. I'd pay a grand or so for a custom built, amazing bong.
    I'd buy a pound of dro every two months for personal use.
    A new car.
    A loooooot of shoes.
    I'd buy a house big enough for me and all of my close stoner friends, I'd pay the rent, buy the food and the weed. We'd all be set and high all day every day.
  7. A pd. of weed (16 different strains)
    a mansion

    give some to fam & then invest some of my money in something
  8. Lots and lots of clothes
    A house in the woods of Connecticut
    A condo in NYC
    Massive bongs
    A car
  9. Damn, I want to be your friend!
  10. Move the fuck out, drop college, get a sick pad, bang chicks, and get some weed. And put the rest in the bNk
  11. Give enough to my parents to make them comfortable for the rest of their lives.
    Finish education.
    A lot of glass.
    A lot of grass.
  12. A small island... only a few miles wide.
    50,000 dollar grow op.

    I'm set with that.
  13. 200 mill and you'd only get a pound? Dog I'd buy the fuckin cartels and make em give me all their weed and throw away their dope and nose candy.
  14. Pay off student loans. Find a small island with little population, build a quaint home, and grow across the entire island.

    It wouldn't be like the movie The Island, it would be open to whomever, just not an overly desirable place for many people.
  15. i'd buy that 2000 dollar custom gold roor, then head down to the local glass shop in a fucking truck and buy everyfuckingpiece - all of them - and give them out to my friends
    then i would buy a biggass house.
    and a few whips.
    maybe a few pounds :)
    after that? fuck i'd probably just roll up a swisher and watch the sunset from my kickass pad

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