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Winning the battle against cancer with MMJ

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by brianmmj, Apr 9, 2016.


What do you think helped most with her cancer?

  1. Cannabis extract (RSO)

  2. Ketogenic diet

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  3. Oxycodone and Ambien combo as prescribed

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  4. It was misdiagnosis of severity

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  5. Nothing - she's doomed

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  6. Too early to say

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  1. #1 brianmmj, Apr 9, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2016
    I thought I would share the ongoing story of my mother in law and her battle with cancer.

    In November 2015, she went to the clinic about a lump on her head. A doctor never looked at it, rather a physician's assistant (obviously unskilled inidentifying cancer) carved into it removing some.

    Over the next month it did not heal. It looked infected and seemed to grow. My mother in law began having fevers, trouble sleeping, and nausea. The doctor kept dosing her with heavy antibiotics.

    The mass continued to grow and her symptoms did not improve. She had pain and swelling in her lymph nodes, bladder problems, and other symptoms of cancer. In January, 2016, her doctor finally took a biopsy and it came back as squamous cell carcinoma. There were many delays in scans and biopsies, as they seemed in no rush to treat it. They gave her pain pills and sleeping pills. Her scans later showed showed that it had metasticised into her lymph nodes (non-Hodgkins lymphoma) and into her lungs. They staged it as stage 4.

    Throughout the delays, we looked into our options for treatment. Cannabis extracts had some evidence of fighting cancer. She was open to trying it after reading about it and watching some videos of success stories. We did 2 things: ketogenic diet to starve the cancer of glucose and 1g of high indica high THC RSO daily. Fortunately, this treatment is legal in Washington state and there are dispensaries that will stand by their product.

    On starting this treatment, she was able to mostly go off the pain pills and sleeping pills. Her skin color came back (she kind of turned gray before this) and some of the other symptoms improved. There were some in the family who did not approve of this treatment, but they would not read the studies we sent them.

    She had a setback in March. She had cancer-related blood clots in her legs that had triggered pulmonary embolisms (clots in the lungs) and nearly died. They put her on a powerful blood thinner that she has to inject twice a day. She moved in with us so we could take care of her. We upped her RSO dose to 1.5g/day. Things still looked grim. The blood clots sapped her strength and the tumor continued to grow.

    Finally, we had some progress. Two weeks ago they had scheduled a surgery to remove the mass on her head (now about 5 inches diameter). They would remove the mass to the skull, place a muscle and artery from her back onto her head, and a cover it with a skin graft from her leg. The did a PET scan that showed something interesting. The cancerous activity in her lymph nodes and lungs was negligible, mostly isolated to the primary site.

    They performed the surgery yesterday. They discovered something else interesting. The tissue beneath the tumor was completely healthy, so they were able to remove the tumor and only need a skin graft.

    They will re-evalueate her cancer stage in a couple of weeks, as they are confused about what happened. They assume they misdiagnosed the stage (stage 4 is "non-curable" since they dont use the term "terminal" any more). We think the diet and the cannabis extracts helped take care of the smaller sites and spreading.

    I will update with what the oncologist says in a couple of weeks. After people were basically planning her funeral, I really hope she pulls out of this completely without even needing chemotherapy.

    If MMJ really did save her life, I have a hard time understanding why people go to prison for it. I am legal to grow and I am trying to grow a few plants to save the $50/day cost of RSO. I would like to grow and make high quality extract for other cancer patients for free, but I would risk losing everything to do so. Even in Washington, MMJ isn't fully decriminalized.
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  2. Hi Brian,

    Did you mom have any problem ingesting the 1g daily? How long did it take her to reach 1g?
  3. I think it took her a couple of weeks. She tried taking it as a suppository for a while, but went back to oral. Now she takes 0.5g at a time and she says she doesn't feel much from it. Her tolerance is definitely high.
  4. I have an update, as promised.
    The doctors see cancerous activity where they did the surgery. They are going to make another pass at it. It wasn't quite as perfect of outcome as we had hoped.
  5. Brian thanks for this. My own mother is struggling with dosage still, I am nowhere near 1g a day, and the more I read I wonder if I even need to give her that much. Im hoping some good will come of it as she is struggling be stoned all the time :(
  6. Is your mom taking cbd oil as well? I find that it lessens the psychoactive effects. I use a combination of suppositories and oral (with cbd oil) during the day. And at night I do RSO only, which helps her sleep through the night without getting up.

    I'm hoping that doing the supppsitory method will contribute to the daily 1g dosage which she's still trying to work up to.
  7. No just RSO. Shes mostly taking it at night, she often wakes up feeling sick and dizzy, and this morning she felt really sick from it.
  8. You could also spread the dose throughout the day, that way her body can get used to the cannabis with a more constant dose in her system. And at night give her a little bit more to help her sleep.
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  9. Yeah I have been trying to do that but she hasnt been taking day time doses, I live 50 miles away so... Shes getting better on it
  10. My mother in law spreads it out into 3 doses with a larger dose in the evening. She keeps more available for pain. She says that she doesn't really feel high on it any more.
    I've taken it in a much smaller dose and it makes me feel sick, dizzy, and too high. I'm sure it isn't a lot of fun trying to get to a full dose.
  11. She had the second surgery. They take samples on the borders of what they cut out to make sure that that they got all of it. Hopefully this is it and they can think about re-evaluating her stage. She has had issues with potassium levels and blood clots on her lungs. I don't think it is related to the RSO, but I want to report it anyway. I really wish they would do some proper studies on it.
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  12. Saying prayers, hope all works out
  13. should speak loudly that percocet and other pills are prescribed so easily when they are direct derivites of heroine, and pot is considered a class 1 drug the same category as heroine
  14. The biopsies came back from the second surgery today. They only found dead cancer cells.
    Also, she had a CT scan of her lungs in February that showed 6 nodes greater than 2mm. Her latest shows only one and her oncologist thinks it is not likely malignant.
    Still, she has only been using cannabis oil and keto diet - no radiation or chemo.
    This is good news, which we needed. We may win this yet.
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  15. Everything looks good. Her oncologist said she is cancer-free. She seems to be back to her old self. Her lymph nodes have returned to normal.

    I think the cannabis and keto diet cured stage 4 cancer. My wife and I are planning to stockpile RSO in case we or another family member gets cancer.

    I'll give another update if she has a relapse or if she continues to go months without a relapse.

    I would really like to see some real studies on this. I'm not much of a conspiracy theorist, but I know the drug companies have a hard time with a plant that anyone can grow in their closet or garden replacing a $6 billion annual chemo drug industry.
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  16. She is still cancer free and taking maintenance cycles of RSO.
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  17. @brianmmj
    Outstanding news..
  18. How's she doing now? What's the latest BrassNwood? Crossing our fingers here.
  19. Thanks for your continued updates and good on you for sticking with it!

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