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    la la la, I like honey.
  2. hmm he might be expecting one of these so I'd go with car problems caused me to miss my appointment that day. Like my battery died or I had a flat etc
  3. Yep, you're fucked.
  4. Yeah you're fucked.

    Do what zombiegreen said but go into work late. Problem solved.
  5. Show up at 6:30 and tell him the therapist bailed on you and you dont think youll be needing to see him after all...probably the only way you dont get fired.

    At least if i wuz yer boss:smoking:
  6. Write up a note and forge it. You're in too deep now, son!
  7. What kind of documentation would he even expect? I would give him some kind of note/business card/fake reminder for a future appointment, ANYTHING... If you can put down a real therapists number, when he calls they can't say anything about your status as a patient.

    If somebody called a therapist's office asking whetehr or not you had an appointment, they would say they were unable to give out any information about that due to confidentiality reasons.

    If you can't do that- put down a friend's number and have them say the same thing.

    Or just say you forgot to get any documentation...
  8. Play it to the hilt

    Design some doctor's office-type stationery and scrawl out a brief note confirming you had the appointment
  9. Yeah your boss is probably calling your bluff, that was a pretty bad lie man haha

    Why cant you go into work? If you can, you should, to save face and maybe your job
  10. yep better go to work. next time think of a better excuse and have the required proof or at least a plan before hand. if you have kids you can always blame it on them lol
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    Go into work and avoid your boss at all costs. At some point during the day fall victim to a workplace related injury (ie. lose a finger in a meat slicer, machine etc..) just make sure you to go through the proper procedure afterward so your severed finger can be reattached.

    He will forget all about the lie and you got yourself a couple weeks of workman's compensation.
  12. Kill your boss and assume his position
  13. ...What a tangled web we weave...
  14. go in at 630 and say you rescheduled your appointment because you didnt want to miss work because you love working so much and you are the best employee ever.
  15. Go into work.

    1) Come clean
    2) Say that you made a mistake on your calendar

    If you do #2, then go ahead and make an actual therapists appointment sometime very soon just to get the note. Sucks to be out $100+ bucks though, so make the best of your 50 minutes.
  16. I hope I don't get too much crap for posting this (remember, hate the GAME not the player) but...

    I'm in a position where I am frequently called upon to hire and fire people, and I only EVER request that sort of documentation if I'm about to fire/discipline someone.

    Whenever you let someone go, you have to provide info to the state unemployment office, meaning you (the employer) needs to document reasons for termination. "Failed to provide evidence of necessary medical treatment" is one of the "default" options, but you (again, the employer) need to record exactly what documentation you asked for, and when you asked for it.

    If I were you I would do the whole "Sorry, the therapist bailed on me..." thing and show up for work, because a request for documentation is usually VERY serious. This is especially true if he's never asked for documentation before.
  17. This is why you just do it the responsible way and get your shit done. Life sucks, deal with it.

    Less :smoking: More :cool:
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    lol some of you guys are starting to make me a wee bit nervous now. :eek:

    It's a pretty flexible job though, I mean, people miss days all the time and aren't fired for it.

    I'm thinking that I'll just give him the business card since I do actually have a therapist it's just that my appointment is on Monday. I just don't feel like working tommorow.

    And actually, it wouldn't be his decision alone to fire me or not since he's kind of just a supervisor. Whatever he is I think the most he can do is request that I be fired or make some sort of written complaint against me. I hope.

    Going to work simply isn't an option. I don't feel like it. The next day I work will probably be tuesday so I'll know if I'm keeping my job then.

    Hell, he might forget all about this documentation bullshit between now and then.

    EDIT: Oh shit, I just realized that all the business cards I have are actually for my PSYCHIATRIST, not my therapist. I haven't seen my therapist in months. Whoopsy.
  19. lol most people "dont feel like going" to work alot but go anyways. i guess its your choice. good luck.
  20. Man, you are so fucked.

    Better hope your boss is cool as shit, otherwise I'd show up at 6:30 and say you cancelled the appointment because you felt bad you didn't notify him sooner.

    It's your only chance.

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