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  1. Heloo everyone. Wanted to say hello and I am glad to join your fine forum. I have no idea what I'm doing, but I'm trying to learn as I go. Started 1 plant to get an idea of the nature of this great plant. A photo is below, plant is about maybe 5 or 6 weeks old. It is basically a window grow. It seems to be healthy, not really sure. Any thoughts from what you see in the photo. I've been using diluted urine as a nutrient as I'm trying to stay all natural. Thanks for any help or thoughts.
  2. I've never heard of someone using pee

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  3. I read alot about it on various forums and other places. It sems to be a, oh, yuck, hell no, or a, great stuff, love it. It seems to like it so I'll keep going with it.
  4. Your plant is flowering, so it will need bloom nutes. Pee has a lot of nitrogen, which you don't really need or want anymore. Goodluck
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  5. I thought it was flowering, although that seemed early, and I was only using a natural light source(the sun). Can you suggest any natural nutrients that I may want to look into, especially any I can use from recycled home garbage or waste items. Thanks for the responses.
  6. I can't recommend anything, I purchase bottled nutrients from a store that have directions on them. The "organic" section here will help you get squared away.
  7. I guess my question at this point is, if I just keep this plant growing as is, just whatever sun it get's in window type of situation, will it do anything. The fact it is flowering, and seeming to be doing well, is it to late to get more serious? Perhaps build a small grow type closet/ box type thing, and do things more correctly. I have a few 60w 2700k led's I could use. Bottom line is it to late to put this in a 12/12 cycle? Thanks for any advice or opinions.
  8. [​IMG]
    This is how it looks as of today.
  9. Not going yield much off that maybe 3.5

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  10. One thing I guess i'm not getting after reading and taking in everything on this forum and other places, is, why did this plant flower if I didn't switch it to a specific light schedule? Could I have gotten an autoflower seed, does a plant flower on it's own no matter the light/dark scedule. What gives? Thanks, she is so pretty and healthy I feel like I did it a disservice by not doing homework ahead of trying to grow it.
  11. More than likely it's an autoflower
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  12. Could that be the only possibility or could other things have made it go into flowering. Thanks for the info, as every bit helps.
  13. Gotta be an autoflower if it wasn't u would have had to change light schedule too 12/12 in order for it to make buds
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  14. Interesting. Thank you. I might as well put it under some lights and see what I can get out of it.
  15. If you only had it in the window, and no other lighting after the sun went down, then it can flower.

    12/12 is for artificial lighting as in grow room/tent. Outdoors/sun only grows flower long before it gets to be 12/12.

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  16. If you are in a region where fall is approaching, the natural light cycle has already decreased. Seeing as your plant is a month and a half old, all it knows from day 1 is that the days are getting shorter. When the plant senses that the days are getting shorter it switches its efforts from growing vegatative growth into growing flowers.

    If you want a bigger plant/yield i highly suggest starting much sooner next year.

    Good luck
  17. Thank you all. This was just an experiment in trying to pop and grow from seed. As it is first time ever trying, I've already learned alot (I should say not learned, but, have more info) and will certainly do things much different in the future. I have already bought materials to build a small grow enclosure. I'll probably use a mix of CFL and LED. It will take years I figure to really know anything, but if I don't try, even if I fail, I'll never learn. I will hopefully get to the point I can have my legal (Maine) amount of plants thriving at some point in the next year or so.

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