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Wine Bottle Bong *HELP*

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Matteucci09, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. ayo GC,

    i work at a restaraunt and we have all these wine bottles that people drink during theyre dinner and leave for us so we can decorate the dining room appropriately. One was left probably a year ago and it looks awesome the pouring spout is the same size as a normal mini bongs but is about 13 inches tall. A few of the cooks and i were looking at it one day and came to the conclusion that we want to make a bong out of it and keep it in the walk-in so we dont have to use just a bowl anymore at work. I am wondering if anyone can help me out to tell me what type of tools we will need to make the hole for the slider.

    Thanks, if you can help me that is.
  2. glass drill bit is all you need
  3. okay and i can pick up those at a hardware store for cheap?
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    are you planning on making one that will stay good for a while, or just a quick made one?
    if you want a good one that will last for a while you will need a clear pvc tube, cement glue, a cheap slider bowl, and the glass drill bit the size of your tube and a power drill. pretty easy to make actually
    slider:5 bucks
    pvc tube: 1.99/ft. however you don't NEED this, it's for making a hookah.
    cement glue: 3 bucks
    drill bit: 5-7

    so 10 bucks for a nice hookah assuming you have the drill bit and drill.
  5. well do you think its possible to make a slider, like no where around here sells sliders, at least in my area of possible arriving, and as all you fellow pot heads know im fucked up the ass without a slider for a bong... no brainer...

    but to the guy above me thanks i think ill try it when i get paid next cause im out of Moolah... My buddy just got three ounces of Northern Lights :)
  6. you need a diamond tip dril bit, though in my expirenece ive used metal drill bits to drill glass and had no problems. you need to fill the bottle with sand before you start drilling. i guess be creative in making a slide.

    but ive been told that making bongs out of alcohol bottles is a bad idea. something with the colored glass.

    i'd make a gravity bong for your walk in (cooler i assume?) as its cheaper, easier and unbreakable. and if anyone finds it and tosses it, not much energy and virtually no money wasted. thats me though.
  7. mietoe, the glass on a bottle is alot more dense because of how it is shaped and made, its hard to even get a bump to start the hole in, i dont know if you ever tried to do it on a glass bottle, i made mine out of a fifth of crown bottle.

    slide: You could probably use a socket and find a copper tube that fits the size socket you use. copper because it's the cheapest but you can use any kind of metal pipe

  8. i have drilled clear glass bottles and vases before. no problems. but like i said, ive heard that using alcohol bottles is a no-no. i still would push for the gb for work. what an easy quick way to smoke at work. and no lost smelly smoke.
  9. as for being creative i really dont know and were kinda set on the wine bottle thing so can anyone tell me an idea for a slider i know peoplehave udes sockets for grav bongs but i am clueless to how this is made, idk, help me
  10. go buy an alluminum tube 5 or 6 inches long from hardware store, and an alluminum socket that will fit in it, and solder it so its airtight without any chemicals. though if you get that thing over 300 degrees or so it will melt the soldering material. i still smoking a wine bottle isnt the best bet.
  11. The easiest way to make bong out a bottle is to a 'Hooka' Style design.a Rubber/cork stopper with a long downstem with 1,2,or 3 hoses to inhale. You can order on line or buy in a head shop a bottle conversion kit.
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    wait isnt copper bad to smoke out of?...please correct me if im wrong..i hear theres a metal you can not use for smoking or as a tool for smokin.

    plus someone mention about colored you mean the bottles he's using or glass thats used to make bongs out of? is that different glass used? i had a small glass bong that was blue frosted with white lining inside, with lil sex devils doing their a few uses out of it..noticed some water seepin of of a crack that went all along the curcumfrerance tords the bottom..whatta bummer man! $70 out the door
  13. word does anyone know if that metal would be in a typical socket of silver color

  14. i meant alcohol bottles of color. green, brown, any color wine bottle. i cant remember what i heard about it, or where, or what the rationalization was, but i just heard that. and since you can get a clear one just as easy i would steer clear. but no, whatever your bong was made out was fine.
  15. use a trumpet mouthpiece. they are a few bucks at your local jazz shop.

  16. made of brass, eww.
  17. nothing wrong with me some FACTS and i will believe you
  18. Okay the thing about metals is...

    Brass: some people say its bad for you and others say its fine. (pipes and screens are commonly brass) It is not proven to be bad for you.

    Copper: This is very bad to smoke out of. A lot of oxides and shit come outta copper and it can give you very serious illnesses. (lockjaw, metal fume fever, etc) Do not use copper anywhere on your smoking device just to be safe.

    Aluminum: Debated whether or not causes alzheimers deisease. Alzheimers patients have elevated aluminum in thier brains. Not proven to be linked to smoking. (theres aluminum pipes)

    Stainless steel: This is what most sockets are made out of and screens as well. Heating it doesnt release harmful things but the particles are dangerous. You proably wont have a grinder to your pipe so your fine.

    Sockets should not be used as bowls in my opinion because there is a lot of dirt and oil on them. when something is soaked in oil and then heated it tends to trap the oil inside the metal. No amount of washing can remove this oil. dont smoke oil.....:smoking:

    Hope this helped. I know this because im a welder and have studied metalurgy.

  19. not gonna find you any facts. but i wont use it.
  20. ok now heres what you do if you reallllly want the wine bottle, you fill the bottle up with sand and cork it. then you put it under water with about an inch over the botte, then you have somebody hold the bottle under water while wearing gloves, take the diamond bit drill bit and start the drill out of the water then start medium then go faster... stop and wait for the piece to cool down every 20 seconds

    take a candle lighter and break off the black peice, it has diffusers already on it and makes a perfect down stem... now take a pen, prefrably one with a rubber hand grip on it... take the larger pen tube and hot glue it onto the lighter piece... (go to the hardware store and buy air sockets! they work perfectly ive used them in all of my bongs and they work perfectly!!! (screens are good to have too) either get them in brass or stainless steel. take the rubber piece and make it so that you can use the pen as a slider to go on and off of the bowl.... (make sure its airtight!) use electrical tape to seal it off,!

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