Windshield Wipers Won't Work?

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  1. So I broke my friend's windshield wipers a couple weekend's ago and need to fix it for him.
    I broke them when I had my hand on the windshield and he turned them on. I grabbed them with my hands and pulled em back down and they just stopped working.

    We tested the fuse and it still works so I'm assuming the motor is burned out or something.
    I was wondering if there was anything else I could try to fix em though before we take it somewhere. He drives a lancer and i think its a 2001, not sure though.

    Any suggestions appreciated.

  2. answered your own question
  3. I would goto a junkyard, or do a search online for the part. Its a simple swap once you have it. Or you could goto the dealership and have them order you the part.
  4. its either the wiper motor or the computer that runs the wiper motor.

    or maybe it just needs to be tightened a bit. i did that with my civic and they started working again. :confused:
  5. are they making noise? if the motor still works, maybe you over tightened it when it came up and hit your hand. my friend's cavalier's windshield wiper would come loose if you had em on high because the mounting stud was stripped real bad.

    if the motor doesnt work, check the wiring for current and resistance. if power is getting to it but it isnt doing anything, youll know.

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