Windowsill Weed

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  1. Grown with love and 100% natural light 20170716_224720.jpg 20170716_224654.jpg 20170716_224649.jpg 20170716_224608.jpg 20170716_224557.jpg 20170716_224538.jpg 20170716_224532.jpg IMG_20170716_225742_129.jpg
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  2. Finally ive found someone who also grows on a window sill.
    Your plant is looking amazing!
    in wich country does this plant been growing in?

    I grew my plant 8 week veg. switched to flower at 1/7
    And this is how it looks right now.[​IMG]
    I have always been wondering how big the buds will get behind a window. And now i have clue :)
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  3. Very very nice!! I'm in Canada.. been growing since Nov. It's been in flower for 12 weeks.. very long but it's going good. Took a bud off the other day to dry and test.. they are very light and airy but very good smoke with a very mild taste for not being cured yet. I'm happy with my sill plant :)
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  4. Thanks mate! Sounds very good. 12 weeks aint that long because behind a window it will need a bit more time

    Cheers buddy

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