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  1. A friends just popped round who has started off some bagseed on his windowsill. Its about 2 weeks old but is looking really small on the leaves.


    Should they not be a lot larger? or maybe theyre ok?
  2. What kind of soil is that? I think they should be a little bigger than that at 2 weeks.
  3. That soil looks mighty wet, how often is it watered? In a pot that size, with a plant that small, I wouldn't expect to water it more than once a week until it got bigger. :smoke:
  4. hey i was just wondering how they were doing now. i got friend whos doin that but she brings it outside sometimes idk. i was trying to see what a windowsil grow could produce cuz she said i could have one. they look healthy but not to big, anyone got any info on this?
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    It all depends on how much light the plant is getting. If it gets a lot of direct sunlight on the windowsill that you're using, it should do pretty good. If it only gets a few hours of direct sunlight a day, it will probably stretch out and be pretty small. Also, in my experience the sunlight should not go through the window glass, it should be direct with nothing in the way. The glass seems like it filters the light or something and you will just get little stretched out skimpy looking things. :p
    I see so many people who try to grow other plants like tomatos or peppers and start them off in their windowsill and don't actually open the window and they end up with like 1 foot tall stems with a little bit of leaves on the top, like a palm tree. :D I don't know why this is since greenhouses use glass and it doesn't seem to affect them, maybe it is a different type of glass or something? Or maybe I'm just making a totally incorrect conclusion based on not enough data and not taking other variables into account. Or maybe I'm just really stoned. :smoke:

    I agree about the water too, that looks really wet. Make sure you let the top 2 inches of soil dry out completely before you water it again. The pot should also feel noticeably lighter when it is time to water.
  6. got any updates? id like to see how ur windowsil grow is goin.

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