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  1. so i am browsing futuristic cities in google images, i get to a webpage and all of a sudden a script diagloge shows up, i am using firefox latest version, it says if i wanted to continue running a script on the page, obviously i clicked no

    I dont use any security cuz i know how to avoid shit by myself, i dont even use noscript.

    So i guess a dodged a bullet this time eh>

  2. No. The script was stuck in an infinite loop. You were in no greater danger than the page becoming unresponsive.
  3. thanks i did some reading when it happened and i heard it can be malicious or allow for malware to be put on ur pc, lol...
  4. so im okay right/
  5. that notification really has nothing to do with malware. you realize that some scripts are necessary to run a page correct?
  6. fatkat is correct. A popup saying a script is taking too long to execute simply means that something running on the page is poorly written and may hang your browser (in Chrome, it'll only hang the current tab). It doesn't mean anything about malware, unless some kind of scripting attack is malfunctioning (in which case, stop script is a good idea). Either way, it's probably only affecting a very small part of the site, and can safely be stopped. It will only stop it until you reload the page (click a link, etc).

    However, you should read the dialog and try to use the "location" information (if any) to tell you if it's a website, or a Chrome extension gone haywire. Extensions also operate in scripts, if I understand correctly. So if an extension is malfunctioning, it'll also give you that popup. Read it and be sure. :)

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