[Windows Grow] 1x Orange Bud - No Budget Grow

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  1. So fellow Blades,
    Got an Opportunity to pick a small seedling up basically for free.
    As i´ve heard its some Orange bud or maybe an OG - Kush but wouldnt set a dime on that.
    Took it home, And as its just an experiment im gonna start it up in my Bathroom which has Windows to the South and to the West, No need to stealth so i can put it anywhere i want for perfect lightning Conditions.
    Got a bit scared today as it looked kinda badly, then looked closer on the pot and noticed that the water basically cant leave the pot so i picked up some cheap cocos Base with some basic nutrients and used a bigger pot with a hole in the base so the water can escape.
    Then after half an hour watered a bit till abit of water drippled out of the Bottom.
    Now its standing there. Did have a fan standing around so took the chance and now its has some wind, did set the fan on Rotation so its not constantly pressed down since the Stem seemed abit too thin.
    If you have any Suggestions please let me now.
    And sorry for the Bad english, not a native Speaker.

    Gonna Update Soon,


    Note:The plant is now in the pot below the actual used pot.

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  2. wow that is quite the thin stem for that height.
    Where abouts are you? that will have a huge difference on how well window ledge lighting levels will get you
  3. Degree of Latitude is 52.520007, I dont know if it affects it but its in the 2nd Floor.
  4. So just came back from my GF, watered the plant and naturally increased the Humidity(Sis took a shower lol) She´s now enjoying the last rays of Sun today and im a bit happy, dont have a pic atm since my phone doesnt want to start up but the top leaves look way more healthy. although the bottom ones are the same.. Doesnt noticed a big growth but since this is my first Grow im Assuming she is building new roots or something like that cause of the Repotting(Is that a word ?)

    So, hopefully shes looking more healthy the next days, gonna keep ya up on info and if my Mobile wants to finally behave ill post some pics :D.

    Have a nice day, now enjoying my end of the Week Bowl, Cheers. :)
  5. You able to put it fully outside? Seems pretty stretched is why I ask. I know your on second floor, didn't know if you had a balcony.
  6. Na Sadly not, ehrm whats about Clima, Weatherforecast is about 10 °C +/- i could put it in my Garden on an Elevated Spot, should have light till about 5 or 6 PM increasing. Yeah noticed that too, does it get better when its cold ?

    Yes i Am, im from Good ol´ Germany, and you mate ?

  7. Seems cold :( You want 23c to 27 c. Inside it is!
  8. Ye thats what i thought, nice and comfy in there
  9. Hey bro, I'm in France!

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  10. Ya mate im yet to see a successful window grow on here, not saying its not possible but i wouldn't except any real yield anyways. The light better be pretty direct and consistent if plan on moving forward like this.

    Its well worth the 25$ to pick up a 42watt bulb and lamp and grow that way. Not any hate just some thoughts goodluck and cheers.
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  11. The only successful window anywher I saw was an English guy that lives in Amsterdam on YouTube, I'll try and find his channel

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  12. Ye not expecting anything, its my first grow just wanna get some experience know what i mean man ? And im gonna build a small grow tent while she is growing so i can counteract the Smell when she is in flower.

    In some other Forum i read getting a neontube would be quite effective since theyre quite cheap here, what would you suggest ? Ye no hate m8 :) Im open for any help :).


    Saw this Video, he put the Tube on the top of the window frame, thinkin bout building some mobile stand for the Tube and then putting it where i need i since i move the plant around between the windows.
  13. Im a little bit north of you (53.4 degrees) and our summers dont get quite as warm as yours, so you'll probably have slightly better results than me, but I tried this on my first grow.
    I was curious if I could grow my own, and I was like yeah one plant, in the kitchen window, in soil, no artificial lighting, that seems much less illegal and much more likely to not be a objected to by my other half (turns out the little rules I made for myself in my head exactly follow the definition of profesional and non profesional grows under dutch law)
    Anyway, tried it, it germinated, grew a bit, got a bit more stretchy and spindely than Id like with not much mass, I ended up adding LEDs in the last few weeks. It was a learning experience but the yield really was low.
  14. Yeah, i just grabbed a Fluorescent Tube out of my cellar, needed to do some electric stuff and so on but now its working, although i think its more fitted for Flower, since its i think 3000 K Light. Just building a box out of a Box and coating the inside in the kind of Emergency-Blanket you find in Car Medkits, maybe that will work but well its time to test out :p.
  15. So little (Well not that little, about 1,70 m right now) update.
    Shes doing quite well for th first one, Does have its problems like had some insects taking a meal on her leaves but shes recovering those, Quite stretchy but got a stable stem. Lost 1-2 Leaves and fan leaves.
    Shes budding now since about 3-4 days. Already a bit on there.

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