Windows 8 Got Leaked

Discussion in 'Silicon (v)Alley' started by deadkndys, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. I dont like the layout so im sticking to win 7.

    Any of you blades upgrading to windows 8?
  2. Still reppin' xp.
  3. I heard windows 8 sucked big donkey dick
  4. About to order windows 7 actually, workin on a sick new build and upgrading from XP lol.. Took me forever to upgrade my OS
  5. I liked XP the best
  6. When my XP rig died I almost cried. What didn't you like about Windows 8? I'm still back on Vista due to laziness.
  7. Inb4 time to get a Mac

    Time to get a Mac. Well it has been time for quite some time... :bongin:

    Lower your damn prices though Apple.

  8. Lol you can still have the Desktop like Windows 7, what you saw is Metro and it's for touchscreen stuff like tablets and laptops.

    Windows 8 will utilize hardware way better then before and be so much faster. Especially since it's optimized enough to go on weak tablet hardware, crazy.
  9. Macs are gay
  10. Whats wrong with win7?? my computer's da shitt

    hell yee
  11. I dont understand why they feel it neccessary to create new operating systems as quickly as they come out with new versions of cell phones or gaming consoles. I recently had to buy a new lap top that came with windows 7, and had to replace the printer and scanner I've been using for years because its not compatible. I guess just another money grab??
  12. I'm running windows 8 on my little netbook, i loved 7 and 8 is running faster than 7 did on it.

  13. Eh, they're grandmother has one..but she has this mouse where you can't right click or left :mad: so I have nooooo idea how to save pictures I find :eek:
  14. Sticking with 7..

    8 is terrible looking I don't get what they were thinking..I also heard it sucked.
  15. What are you talking about.. You don't have to use the Metro layout.. You can still have a desktop and start bar and all that shit.

  16. My opinion:rolleyes:
  17. I got a new computer with 7, and I downgraded to Vista :hide:
  18. I don't think it looks bad but it'd have to be fucking awesome for me to buy a new OS.
  19. Shit I never pay for any OS thats why theres torrents,usenets, and filehosts.

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