Windows 7 for Mac?

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  1. Problems:
    Skyrim requires Windows OS
    I don't trust myself to download a torrented OS
    Windows 7 is expensive as hell (around $125)

    Should I trust a torrented version of Windows 7 to use for Bootcamp or should I dish out $50 to a friend who says her dad can give me a copy of Windows 7?

    Any help is appreciated.:wave:
  2. $50 for the copy but I do believe talking about pirating is not allowed here, please correct me if I'm wrong.
  3. are you a student? I got Win7 for $10 cause i was a student.
  4. If you are in a Computer Science major at a university its free.99
  5. Read the rules before posting :)
  6. When I put 7 on my MBP, I used a friend's Windows 7 Home Premium disc to install it, then the serial key for the same OS from my Acer netbook (in use on the netbook too), and it's been fine with me so far. If you can, look for somebody you know that already has a Windows 7 genuine copy and give that a go.
  7. Windows on a mac, so whats the point of owning a mac :confused::smoke:
  8. ...because they're made out of awesome metal, duh!

    Now excuse me while I go roll my eyes for a few hours.
  9. sorry but reformatting your mac with windows for a video game is kinda dumb in my opinion. Windows is the reason I switched to an imac. Do you have a PS3 or Xbox?
  10. [quote name='"wanderingway"']sorry but reformatting your mac with windows for a video game is kinda dumb in my opinion. Windows is the reason I switched to an imac. Do you have a PS3 or Xbox?[/quote]

  11. [quote name='"sshouse"']honestly the bootleg version should work better. the one i've been using has an autoinjected cd key and passes authentication, plus a bunch of the useless garbage that Micro$oft puts in there to rack up the price is gone[/quote]

    Please read the rules :)
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    Bootleg versions can have spyware pre installed. Wouldn't recommend this! Just take the others advice and buy the OS.

    Also just an FYI, Apple has had issues with Nvidia Drivers on some of the 2010-2011 MBPs. This issue occurs in Mac OS as well as BootCamp.

    Happens to my 17" MBP at least once daily. Screen goes blank for a few seconds then recovers. I've heard that some are having the issue actually shutting down their machines.

    Never had the issue on Snow Leopard with Boot Camp. Only occurred since upgrading to Lion.
  13. That's like asking someone why they have a toaster if they also have a toaster oven. Or why they are wearing a blue shirt if their favorite color is red. Or why they have a Ford if they have also have a Chevy.

    Different functionality, each having their pros and cons. Then you can also simply factor in personal preference. I have Macs, Windows PCs and even computers running Linux. I love them all.

    Who said anything about reformatting?

    Possible? Sure.
    But in all of my years I've never encountered it.
  14. Get windows 7 home oem for $99 from newegg and install alongside your Mac Os.

    It's worth buying a new copy

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