Windowless room ventilation?

Discussion in 'General' started by jaydrv, Oct 12, 2022.

  1. Hey, If any one has experience building a smoking room, how would you go about ventilating an indoor, windowless room?

    This is the room.

    Budget is around 2K. Thinking a commercial smoke eater (cigar pubs, etc), powerful air purifier and a way to exhaust air thru the ceiling.

    Lemme know if you have any helpful insight, thanks in advance!
  2. i used my 6 inch exhaust fan and filter for my smoke room and found a vent pipe from a toliet or tub, every sink or toliet has to have a vent trap to keep methane from coming back into house , tie into one of them with a t from local big box store, those tile you have hanging there will filter some of it too, but more likely there is a vent pipe going to the roof of the building you can tie into
  3. Is it a basement room? Do you rent or own? It is easy to install a vent in drop ceilings, but you have to exhaust it out of the area somehow. I would use an 8” fan in the ceiling, split the 8” pipe down to either two or four 4” pipes and place exhaust vents either in each corner, or over the smoking area. Have the fan drawing air through the vents, and exhausting outside. Carbon filters meant for growing aren’t great for getting rid of smoke smell in my experience so I would just vent it outside. To install the vents, I would grab new ceiling panels to cut for each section I wanted a vent in and store the originals in case I decided to remove the setup down the road.
  4. Installing a bathroom ceiling fan could be an option. I've installed one in my garage for the exact same reason. Should be rather easy with a drop down ceiling as long as you have an easy way to drill a 4 1/4" hole through your outer wall. I hope it's not brick.

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