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  1. i have 2 seedlings in my window sill and they get light from sunrise to about 1. theyre both about a week old. when should i transplant them outdoors?
  2. Bump to the top, I would love to know as well.
  3. What pots are they in?

    After Last frosts of winter is essential. And then anytime after the plant gets more then a few inches tall...

    Quicker they go outside into the ground/bigger pot the quicker they will take off growing.. However the younger/smaller the plant is when its outside the more likely it is of getting eaten/killed by insects/animals or the weather...

    So seedlings should be protected from slugs and other animals they will try to eat it... And in harsh weather conditions extra care and attention is needed..
  4. ASAP sounds about right. Window sill grows amount to nothing but dead plants most of the time.
  5. From the images I've seen on forums, stretched dead plants.
  6. Start puttin em outside bring them in at night or you will indeed get junk. Don't be in a rush to get plant them outside be in a rush to make them healthy.

    p.s. if they have been in a window seal you made need to take extra care in placing them outside depending on strenth of plant...
  7. they are both about 2.5 inches now and looking stretched. im going to transplant them tonight.
  8. If it's stretched, it couldn't hurt to wait till it's a bit taller and then LST it so it can get more light.. It will help make up for the lack of sun now.

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