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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by actont, May 16, 2004.

  1. Wow, I am growing 3 plants on the window sill. They get plenty light, they are about 3 feet tall, and begining to flower. They have been sitting there for about 2 months. Should i move them to my HPS room 1000 watt?...or ya think they will bud there...never seen this happen before...but then again, these plants I didnt really care about, and wanted to see what happened, wasnt even expecting the seeds to pop when I first planted them...was just some old seeds I found laying around...think they are Northern Haze, as I got hundreds of these kicking around. I would like to leave them there to see what happens...any ideas on the outcome of this....and I got one more question....How long can ya grow a plant?...Wanna watch my other babies grow HUGE!
  2. Here's my suggestion.

    For the sake of experimentation, I vote you take one of the plants at random and put it in the 1000w room. The other two can chill on the sill, to see what they can do in the bud room and what they can also do on a window sill. Sounds fair enough to me. =P

  3. hey you got hundreds of northern haze seeds just lying around. Just lying around! send some my way. Yeah sounds like a goos idea too see if the sun or hps grows the better bud.
  4. ^^What he said :). Whered you get all those seeds?
  5. My friend grew some from seeds he took out of seed that is sold for birds. Actually he grew some pretty good shit out of that :) Dunno if they would allow it in the U.S. though :D
  6. He took seeds out of birdseed???...was he growing a budgie?
  7. lol they are hemp seeds!
    They are a cannabis plant but no good to get high!
    Its grown for its fiberous stems!
    I grew one too a year or 2 ago from bird seed,

  8. No good to grow then? I'm soon gonna start my first grow and I was actually planning on using them for the first time. But if there will be no yield (or crap quality) I should get some real seeds... Anyone knows about this? I sure heard some positive results with that birdseed, could've been bullshit? Hmm think I'm gonna get some real ones anyways.. :)

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