Window security question??

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  1. Does anyone know a cheap and efficient way to lightproof and insulate a window. I was thinking of drawing the shades to a close while leaving the window open. Then tacking up a sheet over it and finally screwing in a piece of styrofoam board or sheetrock over that. The window will also be my exit for my exhaust so I would cut a whole out of the board or sheetrock, of course. Any advice greatly apprecciated.
  2. Mylar is great. You can wrap it around your exhaust contraption to if you like. Then you can wrap it with the oh crap I forgot what its called, some kind of tape. Toasty knows what it is I think.
  3. foil tape? its right by the ducting at the hydro shop (well at the one I go to at least

  4. Thats the one baby!!
    Nice work.
  5. HVAC tape, same thing.
  6. I don't need it to be reflective because I have the other side of the room sectioned off for the plants, so I'm thinkin about just using black and white poly instead of mylar for expense reasons. The window is aprox. 4' by 5'6". The tape sounds like a must have, do any of you think its a better deal at a hydro shop or a hardware store?

  7. im thinking about using the same stuff for expenses... cant find it very cheap tho if you do let me know!
  8. styrofoam is the least expensive with some of that hvac tape and you set.
  9. I have Persian shutters over all my windows. They keep the heat of the day out, and are equally good at keeping heat in.
  10. Hi defendentofhate, I got the black and white poly at my local hydro shop and it was pretty cheap. I paid like $14.00 US dollars for a 18' by 10' sheet. I also got that HVAC tape at wal-mart for 6 big ones. All in all a pretty good deal. I went ahead and purchased mylar for higher reflectivity, but I am going to use the poly under the mylar for the window and also use it for a curtain in my growroom. Thanks to everyone for the responses.:)
  11. They have this thick window screen at lowes .... its like a tinted window but light shows threw

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