Window growing in Anchorage, Alaska

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  1. Technically I'm growing indoor but I thought this should go here because I figured people are gonna be more educated about sunlight growing. I've been doing research but It's getting confusing and overwhelming.

    So I live in anchorage Alaska and I want to set up an indoor window garden. Before I even get into the technical bits of growing I need to know do you need to have direct sunlight? I read that you need about 5 hours direct and a few indirect is that true? We get 4-5 hours a day of direct sunlight in the front and a few hours direct in the back. There is a few hour period of no direct sunlight when the sun is going from the back to the front. So does it have to be direct sunlight?

    The next question is: Is it too late to start a sunlight grow in Alaska? When I did the research people said start in april. I wasn't 100% sure because a lot of the guides saying start early were talking about frost which really isn't an issue inside.

    If I can grow with these conditions, How would I mess with the light cycle? In summer it will get light around 24 hours a day so I would have to cover them up/hide them from light right? I'm confused because would you wanna do the same type of light control you do with indoor? My understanding is you can flower earlier by controlling the light cycle and is that a good idea? and what's the best way to do that? We start running out of sunlight earlier than other places in Alaska so should I trigger flowering early?

    I really wanted this strain to survive because it's good quality and produces a decent amount of seeds(I think it might be cross sex) but I don't want to screw up the only 2 seeds I have of it on a hopeless grow. Thank you in advance.
  2. sounds like a pain in the ass,you might pull it off ,going from sideto side of house but that is with a big if ,you remember too,if you were using auto's id say you could pull it off.but just to be honest,it be better to buy a tent and gear up for inside planting
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  3. Don't worry about messing with the light period, your plants will flower when it's their time. I don't know if you'll produce enough to be worth the bother but if you had a south facing window it would help.
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