Window AC or portable AC for cooling tent

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  1. Hey guys I wanted to know what you think would be better. I plan on installing a 4" ac infinity fan for my intake bringing in fresh outside air into tent. should drop temps with that. However want even more cooling so which would be better. So far I am seeing that a window AC would be best.
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  2. The window units are much cheaper than the portable. I grow in small spaces and I get the best cooling effect by just using an exhaust fan with passive intake. also an intake fan will create a positive pressure in your space unless your exhaust is outperforming the intake.
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  3. Portable. I’ll be that motherfucker climbing through that window takin plants and panties While u passed out on the couch with bong in one hand and dick in the other.
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  4. Yep the intake will be 2" smaller than my exhaust.
  5. Well the area I'm moving to is a much better neighborhood than the one I am currently at lol.
  6. I grow with a 600w hps, my temps were getting up to 93 degrees, i hooked my exhaust fan up and it didnt help, i recently installed a window unit and boy am i glad i did, temps stay at 77 while lights are on and im getting fresh air

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  7. I'm all about the portable unit... many more ways to run exhaust lines for the hot air, but still keep it discreet. You can even get model with a dehumidifier to help in flower.

    House in nicer area w/a window unit screams target where I'm from.
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  8. You should lose that "Bitches don't know their minds" T-shirt.
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    Adding AC will add much complexity to your setup.
    You should try all viable alternatives before doing that.

    A simpler solution would be to increase air flow thru the tent.
    In the limiting case of infinite air flow, the temp and humidity inside the tent would equal those outside.
    Air is an incompressible fluid for our purposes, so what gets exhausted must be passively taken in.
    Most setups won't need an intake fan unless the exhaust fan is too weak, or more air flow is needed.

    High humidity helps protect plants from heat, and the Vapor Pressure Deficit chart indicates that humidity in the mid 60s produces optimal growth for plants in the upper 70s F.
  9. Well I live in Humboldt county CA. Everyone grows here. I mainly moved because landlord was paying all utilities including electricity. It was a Victorian large house divided into apartments all one one utilities bill so kind of bullshit. Out here landlords don't care as long as you are not turning the whole place into a grow and you pay electricity.

    Working out t in my favor though. One bedroom I am moving to is as large as my two bedroom, laundry downstairs, private fenced area, and my own garage all for $250 less just have to pay electricity. Think I was getting ripped off where I was.
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  13. How big is the tent?????
  14. Windows AC work more efficiently then Portable. I always recommend a Window AC vs Portable if possible. The main problem for both is you need to aim to cool the entire room the tent is in. I know it seems like you only need to cool the tent, but the tent overs basically zero insulation value, so Yes the air will be cooler in the tent, but you will essentially running the AC continuously. IF you get a properly sized AC, what happens is it cools the room to 74 and then you slowly let it rise to 80-82 or whatever you want, and the AC will turn on again and cool it down.

    Alternatively if you can insulate the tent with thick foam insulation board, that helps out a little.

    Good luck
  15. 5x5 window AC is sounding pretty nice. By the time this grow is done probably take a month break add some more equipment and start my next grow. By then it will be mid fall and temperatures dropping. Give me plenty of time to maybe buy something nice for the apartment that would efficiently cool the whole place down.

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