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Winding down

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by unoit, Nov 16, 2002.

  1. HIGH All, well were just about done in our Capital City. It's been five months and with two weeks left I'm getting excited about staying home and not packing for the week (which will not be missed). It's been an adventure the four of us going out every night and painting this fine City with our CR love.

    One night we ran out of smoke (I know I don't believe it either) but we did and I didn't like it. So we hit the downtown section where All the life is. We walked the sidewalk for 100 feet (turning down a few) and we had our dime bags *LOL* never bought one before and I just howled. I thought they were cute *LOL*. Met a lot of good people in our Capital City which I might add is a must see. I wish we could have hooked up with a Grasscity member, that would have been cool!!

    We even went hooker looking after smoking two of the dime bags. Never see so many "Ladies of the Night before. It's too bad the bad drugs got a hold of these "Ladies" some looked like they might have been fuckable.

    Eating out is starting to be a bore. It's Always the same o shit. I've never eating out so much and I Almost feel guilty spending at least 40 bucks a sitting.
    Of coarse you All know I take pictures and I have few to show All.

    Well this post is long enough my friends so I'll end it. AAAAHHHHHHH it's good to be coming home to stay, I really missed you All.
  2. Sounds like you've been havin' a fine ol' time!! Must be nice to have a life! LOL!! Take it easy (or any way you can get it!) and we'll be kicked back here, waitin for ya!!
  3. I bet you are excited about getting to stay home for a while. I never liked working out of town myself. Missed the kids to much. All the food kinda gets old..

    I hope to see ya back soon. Post us some pics..
  4. HIGH All, stonie jo you are so right!!!! I havn't laughed so hard these last few months and I'm Always a good boy *LOL*. I've never been this long from the family Bud Head and you are so right about missing the kids. WoodBug I think misses me the most. As a tear Almost wells up.
    Here's pic of our table in our room, sure feel for the maids. Naw not really we leave them some very nice tips which they wrote on a note thanking us.
    Most of our projects are on my other puter which I somehow fucked when trying to network both puters together and now only this one is hooked to the netg.

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  5. HIGH All, critters those days are long gone for me. One night of hard drinking with something like Fireball and our 6% alcohol Wildcat makes for a hard next day which the ole' bod just can't seem to cut it these days anymore.
  6. My long lost friend You-know-It! how the hell are you doing??

    I myself have been on the road quite a bit lately on work. Been to big city for work and didn't have the time to meet mr Bud Head while I was there but we had a nice conversation anyway. Then when its back to the grind its hell trying to catch up with work so I can have some free time to check out the City. Work has kept me plenty busy and out of the office this whole month and now Thanksgiving is here. Where does the time fly?
  7. HIGH All, BPP we put down 74 tons in 8 days and the body needs a break...Good news is we start another 250 ton job next week thats close to home. We're thinking one more week in our Capital City and then it'll be home every night.

    Going to go out and buy a new electric motor for my canoe and go lake fishing.

    AAHHHH it's sure good to be home!!!
  8. Talking about going out on the lake...i think i'll go fly fishing tommorow, haven't been in a while, last time i was fishing i caught a 12lb rainbow trout...biggest i've caught yet.....Peace out....Sid
  9. Definatly tip your housekeepers!! There's some cool ones out there!!! I've been left beer, money, a couple buds!!! Some people are cool and some people are total fuckheads!!!

    Hope all are well and where they wanna be for the upcoming turkey day. I saw a guy walkin down the road today, picked him up. He was a big guy with a big ol' beard, looked like he's been on the road fer a while. He kinda creeped me out but I stopped and bought him a honey bun and some milk and smokes - gave him the rest of the change out of a twenty and dropped him off outside of town. I think he said he was headed to Iowa. I've been bitched out a million times for pickin' up people........I can't help it. I' just trust in the Lord that he is watching over me and maybe this person needs a little help. He was quiet and kinda wierd - he bent over and kissed me on my cheek before he got out. I hope he makes it where he's goin'. I'm also glad I don't live in the town where I dropped him off. I guess I have finally become paranoid over the years!!

    Anyway..................Love ya guys!!!
  10. HIGH All, aaahhhhh stonie jo you be carefull out there for us at the City eh! Hate to see something happen to you.

    Now my friends it's O.F.F.F. back to our Capital City and hope to be back in a few days (fingers crossed).

    Have a Great Week All.
  11. HIGH All, I'm back from the Big City and have some pics of one night eating with the boys. Here is our kitchen table before the ingredients of the Schezwan are chopped up.

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  12. HIGH All, chopping the peppers and onions.

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  13. HIGH All, now slice the boneless chicken breasts (I love that word) into nice bite size chunks.

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  14. HIGH All, *LOL* turned on the wrong element and melted the bottom of my coffeepot.

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  15. HIGH All, ok back to the Schezwan and frying of All good things.

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  16. HIGH All, now everything into one frying pan for one last fry. Looking good yet?

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  17. HIGH All, need more room so out comes the big pot for the secret Schezwan sauce.

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  18. HIGH All, now in goes the store bought Schezwan sauce.

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  19. HIGH All, stirring in the rice to make All good things come together. AAAHHHH Hatebreeder that's another story.

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  20. HIGH All, now it's ready to eat and was it Spicy hot my friends.

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