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  1. the other night my buddy was really trashed and he wanted to see my plants, so i take him to my grow room and he sprayed a few of the plants with windex thinking it was water, do u know if a few sprays will affect the plant?
  2. windex :/ eeep

    Im not positive..but I know it cant be good
    get in their and flush the soil ASAP to get the chemicals out of it
  3. yeah and wipe the leaves with clean water as well......Peace out.......Sid
  4. Kick your buddy's ass!

  5. Hell Yeah!!! lol
  6. why do you have windex by your plants to begin with. thats just asking for trouble.there is amonia in windex like the other guys said you better leach your soil and spray the fuck out of the plant with water.
  7. lol my buddy would have a broke fuckin nose because of stupidity lmao
  8. well i wouldnt worry about it too all much.

    i hope u flushed the plants leaves IMMEDIATELY.
    so that no standing ammonia is on the leaf.
    but in all reality...once that stuff gets into the soil...its broken down into Nitrite anyhow and that is on its way to being fert's for ur plant. soil is the great buffering can really take alot of abuse before givin it up.

    but dont do it again huh?

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