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Winamp AVS

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by andis, Jan 6, 2003.

  1. Just wonder if someone can do me a litte favor ;> download
    Lautsprecher - Omnibus from kazaa or whatever. listen to it in your winamp with the Elvis_real3d_sentinel AVS. and give me a feedback on what u see/feel. For you that don't know what a AVS is..it's a little plugin that's built in into winamp.. with "3d motions" that changes after det music :) hope you understood my "bad-english explanation" of what a AVS is..

    EDIT: When you're stoned ofcourse ;]

    elvid_real3d_sentinel screenshot:

    Attached Files:

  2. i usually use Geiss 5 for winamp... my computer can't handle the more advanced 3D plugins due to it's shitty (all in one) audio/video card. i need a new 'puter.

  3. Or a new video card. :)

  4. i have a 4 year old HP Pavilion (333mhz)... everything is welded onto the motherboard. i can't just take out the card and put a new one in. i'd have to replace the whole mother board... and if i'm gonna spend that much money i'm just gonna buy a new 'puter. lol.

  5. if this is a everything "on board" motherboard... you can disable the videocard that is already there... and put a second one in and only use that... and thats if you can find a pci video card..

    everyone try the MIlkDrop Plugin for winamp...


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