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  1. Never used windows 8 before is there anything I should think about getting? or anything stoner friendly?

  2. I too have a Windows 8. It confuses me sometimes, I've gotten used to some of it's weird quirks, but overall I'd say it's a nice set up.
    No idea what you mean by this post tho. 
  3. I don't find it a very intuitive system.  Whenever I have to find something I find myself goggling the answer a lot like finding my installed apps.The only thing I like about it on the tablet is that you got the option to run desktops so it looks like a normal pc setting , except you can install actual pc programs on it and the windows store is pretty empty. I'd stick to an older version of windows for normal pc use , since I really don't see how it offers any advantage over windows 7 . Maybe once the windows store gets more apps it will get better.

    Yea, get windows 7. 
    Windows 8 is the new windows Millennium edition.  Sucks balls, updates and chocks on the balls.
  5. It's really not bad. Everyone sees the metro screen on the desktops in best buy and immediately turns away and listens to all the negative hype about it instead of actually trying it. You can replace the metro screen with classicshell which gives you a customizable start menu like previous versions of Windows so you don't have to use a touch based interface with a mouse. Once you've solved that problem you can enjoy the new features and lighter system requirements over win7

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