Win the oil win game

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    Amory Lovins, the chairman and chief scientists at the rocky mountain institute has written a book on the oil end game, which is free on his website. He was able to make it free after people at the pentagon heard about his talks, and decided to fund it, and make it open source material. He has a plan to ween us off oil by 2050, completely. I guess the pentagon is tired of waging war over black gold.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Amory Lovins: We must win the oil endgame[/ame]

    Do you know what was the most profitable company in the US in 1850's?

    Whaling, practically every room was lit with whale oil in United States at the time.

    What was it that saved the Whale?

    Capitalists trying to save a buck and technological inovaters saved the whale population from extinction, which means capitalism saved the whale.


    He goes onto how we can make money from getting off of oil, and he sees the oil industry as the whalers of our time. If any of you are interested in how a green economy would work or might work, watch the video.

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