Win an Optic 4 LED free giveaway

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by legalcanada, Jul 30, 2017.

  1. With four 50-watt CREE CXA2530 COBs and 64 supplemental 5-watt Bridgelux and Epistar w/ dual channels, built in 6 stage timer. Entries close August 14th @ 23:59 PST. Enter @ link below

    Optic 4 LED Grow Light Giveaway
  2. Come on daddy needs some new lights !!

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  3. Come to poppa I will treat u oh so good and take full advantage of your efficiency. Tehe good luck all! Buck
  4. I'm too baked. Jus realized I'm a couple months late lol
  5. Still getting a optic 1 to add my cree cxb3590 w 3500k. N my 3 way tunable 315w energy hog ledgle. Aiming for 500w of mixed white cobs n blurple monochrome unit. My go to 50:50 Coco loco /happy frog. BB,TB, 3 soluble FF open sesame, cha ching , beestie bloom.. @LSO have Bembe Natura Sugars m micros - n some boomerang comeback liquid (came w pack of nutes for FF ) I find this ”SOILESS” coco peet mixture (for the most part) is a GREAT EARLY veg medium Peach doesn't seem to drastically fluctuate so that's really not an issue being a great choice for beginners we don't have a PPM or pH pen yet won't burn early seedlings either. I used 8 gal felt pots n lemm tell u. Don't be afraid to ucking DOUSE that huge pot water. ONCE. Not everyday. Jus ok to do when it's BONE DRY THEN wait <usually 3to4 days stick a finger 3 inches into soil top. If it's dry water it.. if it's moist check tomorrow.. if ur unsure. WAIT TILL TMRW! Believe it or not you'll create much more problems w over watering, then under... You'd really besupriswed how little water these plants can survive on. I bet a million EVERY noobies issues stem from over watering, mistaken for under watering! Along w pisspoor planning n cutting corners on; most importantly. Soil, n lighting. If you do very thing right ur first crop COULD yield 1.0 / gpw or more <say u have a light only draw of 300 actual watts-300g dry would be 1.0gpw> a pretty common goal by even noobs who *ask, learn. Ask, learn. Ask, learn." Only way! There really is no such thing as a stupid question when you begin cultivating I'll never forget buddy @vostok answered my 911 post. Seedlings started yellowing n dying. I had em in lil jiffy peet cups.. which now I know degrade every time you water them to a more acidic state.. 5 p! Lol. He told me to get them into regular one gallon plastic mediately and by God by the next couple days they perked backup... Ask! We don't bite
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  6. Got the optic4.. liking it so far

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