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  1. I've already experienced drooping from over watering (Did it a week ago!) but I would say that these leaves are defo wilting, not drooping. Woke up this morning to find a few of the largest fan leaves doing the same thing, it seems to only affect the 'middle finger' of each leaf. :confused: I also have another plant thriving in the same conditions.

    I watered this morning (symptoms were showing before I watered) before this, they had not been watered for two days.
    Soil grow, organic soil.
    Gave it very weak dose 20.10.10 2 weeks ago, no nutes since.
    Switched to 12/12 three days ago.
    400w hps
    ph 6.9
    temp 73-75degrees during light hours, down to 64 during dark hours.

    I thought it might be under watering, but it hasn't perked up at all since I watered it, if anything it's getting worse.

    I couldn't find anything to explain this symptom in the plant abuse charts. Anyone know what could be causing it? I've only got two plants, haven't sexed them yet so I really can't afford to lose one! :-(

    The first picture shows one of the droopy fan leaves, the edges curl down, the second picture shows an unaffected fan leaf from the same plant. (Sorry for shite pictures)
    wilting 001.jpg

    wilting 002.jpg
  2. Is it possible for ya to snap a pic of leaves as well as entire plant - in regular lighting? Too hard to tell the condition of the lady using the HPS...could be burnt, but without a plant shot, I cant tell...
  3. Thanks for looking. :)

    Hopefully this picture is better. She's dying, don't know what to do! :(

  4. Drop the pH close to 6.3 and do a flush. 3x water to soil (3 gals per 1 gal of soil)
  5. Okay thanks! :) If it's an over watering problem, will flushing the soil kill it for good? I was wondering if I should not water for a day or two and see if it improves first?
  6. :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

    She's dying man. I want to cry. I just don't get what's going on, both plants seemed amazing two days ago, now the other 'good' plant is going the same way.

    I've read everything there is to read about wiltage, I just can't find an answer that fits my plants symptoms. Even if the first one's curtains, I'd like to save the second if I can. Anyone got any ideas for a rescue mission?

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