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  1. Hey I'm semi-new to growing I've grown before and had to abort due to parental issues, but I've got a juicy find.

    I found a plant down the street from me along the side of a side walk that was grown in. I dug up the plant and repotted it within 5 minutes after I returned home. The plant started to wilt about 15-25 minutes later. It has about 5 1/2 leaf sets and is I'd say a foot and a 1/4 to a foot and a 1/2 tall. I placed it under some light from my previous grow and kept it under it for about 45-50 minutes and i checked on it and the wilting was worse.

    I'm assuming the wilting is due to shock from the repotting and heat from the lights. The entire thing isn't wilting just the newly forming leaves and about 2-3 inches down the stem. The base is nice and stiff and strong. Any suggestions on fixing this? I took it away from the light and put it back outside (nighttime now) in hopes of letting it get back to its normal environment it's been originally growing in. I'll put up some pictures tomorrow if it springs back up. Any comments will be appericiated and thanks in advance.
  2. water each plant 3 cups of water, add 1 drop of SUPERthrive per cup for the Vitamin B1 compounds.....any garden centre

    if the plant does not respond within 24hrs , the plants roots can no longer support the vegatation while in this sever state of shock, cut off the wilted leaves.

    it will revive on its time

  3. Alright thanks for the advice. I'll get right to that. Here are the pictures of the plant in its current state.
  4. follow directions above and it will make it without amputation

    while your at it get a 5 gallon bucket....and a bag of soil, fox farms , black gold are great choices

    also get thses fertilizers.....everything you need can be obtained from any garden centre or nursery
    Vegatative cycle fertilizer
    Miracle-Gro® Water Soluble All Purpose Plant Food (they make several fertilizers be sure its this one)


    Fertilizer Analysis: 24-8-16 with micronutrients

    2 level "Teaspoons" per gallon of water, (reduce this by 50% first time application) use this as your water, feed every other watering till flowering

    Flowering cycle Fertilizer
    I recommend Fertilome, Root Stimulator and plant starter....
    the NPK is perfect: 4-10-6
    2 teaspoons per gallon of water every other watering........ use this as your water ...discontinue use 3-4 weeks prior to harvest...flush last 2 weeks...I also like to add 1 tablespoon of unsulphured molasses to the last gallon of the flush......thats it no more water .....
  5. Thats wonderful to hear. Thanks a lot man. When it springs back up I'll take a few picutes and post again and hopefully I can sex it soon also :).
  6. Well I couldn't find any Superthrive around me in any nursery or home improvement store. I picked up the plant food you suggested and I can go get the superthrive tomorrow at a somewhat local hydroponic store but they were closed by the time I ended up going on my hunt for it. The plant is still in the same state it was in.

    Should I still feed and give it the 3 cups of water? I also picked up root cutting powder. Could I use that in the mean time and dip the root in it or should I just wait for the super thrive?
  7. give it water now,

    no on the rooting hormone, get the rest of your shopping done tomorrow, and give it a shot ov vitaminB1 then

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