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wilting yellowing!!

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by lastrich, Apr 17, 2004.

  1. I have clones planted indoors in a 9' x 7' space. I am a first timer. The walls and ceiling are covered with mylar. My ventelation is 600 cfm blowing in and 500 cfm exhaust. I have 2- 1000w HPS over fifteen plants. I started off with my clones in a soil amendment and realized(After reading) that I may have been burning them with to much nitrogen.( The soil amendment was 15% chicken manure) I had the clones in this amendment for one night and then changed to 3 parts regular topsoil to 1 part amendment. Before I put the clones back in I flushed the sponge root holding things. I replanted the clones and the next day(today) they are worse off. Stems are even curling. help. please
  2. If your clones haven't rooted yet it might be that they're eating themselves to stay alive. And when they root they'll stop doing that.
  3. How close are your lights, Could be too much clones dont need much light untill they have rooted, I use one 4 foot flouro (72 watts) for four clones.
  4. Our lights were 24" away, now they are about 40 " away. I have seen a little recovery since i changed soil. I also took the plants out of the little insulation type "rockwool" that their roots were in. I know it sounds stupid but was i supposed to take them out of that earlier. Any help?
  5. If your clones have roots ignore what i said. How old are the clones? How long have they been rooted? are all 15 the exact same?
  6. they usually start to go yellow when they are taking looks like a huge ball, and then roots sprout out of it.......look more for wilting than yellowing, like if the leaves droop away down.........keep the temp at approx 70-80, and the humidity at approx 80-90%..........good luck........Peace out.........Sid
  7. The clones have now been at my house for a week. Bought from cannabis club. Since replanting without insulation around roots, i have begun to see some new growth...very slowly. some new growth and older leaves have yellow unhealthy looking tips. Is this still from the original time that i may have nitrogen burned them or what do you think. They are looking better and perkier, just wondering about the tips of the leaves and how long it takes a plant to recover from a chemical burn. thanks for the help so far.
  8. The burned bits on your leaves will never go away, Just like we get scars. It sounds like they are ok now, the burned tips means they can only just handle the amount of nutes availiable,Which was prbably caused by the nitrogen. Keep an eye on them if they get no worse you shoud be ok.
  9. If I read that you removed it from the rockwool that was not smart. You just put that cumbe on the soil when you see roots....

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