Wilting seedings

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  1. I’ve water these yesterday after 3 days of no watering. The temperature was 29.4 Celsius, 62% humidity, lights been on 24/hr a day for the past 2 weeks 4 days. I woke up this morning and met 3 of them looking like this, do anyone have a clue on how this could of happened over night ?
    I posted a before and after pic

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  2. lights on 24/hr is very noob more so with the recent lab research
    saying 'we' need to give them 8hr min.

    no fan in sight to remove the excess 02 from the stomata

    always water by weight, and then double check

    soil looks like mud, why you grow in a plastic bag?, pots with holes may get you a toke

    all the same good luck
  3. I appreciate your response!! I’m about to research this new finding right now! And I’m using plastic bags to be able to easily transplant the seedings into a 5 gallon pot for Veg. And I do have a fan blowing at the base of the tent.
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  4. Any recommendations on how to properly switch from 24/hr lighting ?
  5. as a seedling no special deals required ...just flip

    I confess to still using 6/18 on my autos, Im looking for grannies report on the latest lighting for you will post the link here,

    I suggest you mix in some clean gravel or 1/3rd perlite to your soil mix for much needed air
  6. thanks for the recommendation. I'll try that
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  7. What soil are you using? Those look like bad medium + over watering.
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  8. The soil is from a local company. Manny specifically for seedlings. However I don’t have the experience to know if it’s good soil for cannabis or not though. And I think I’ve been doing a decent job watering them so idk bro
  9. If you are serious about this, make your own soil. There is no way I would use some unknown 'soil'.
  10. I don’t know how, that’s the issue
  11. Just get some black topsoil (nursery soil) - peat moss - Perlite - worm castings - 5/3/2/1

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