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  1. Hi everyone, after 1 day of putting my plants into flower phase, they started to wilt I thought they were thirsty because they were closing in on their weekly watering schedule. After two days from watering them, they are still wilting, they also started to show some short white hair around the nods which I think is a good thing, is the wilting something normal at the beginning of the flower phase?

  2. Any stressors prior and right after the flip to 12/12?
    Transplanting? Introducing nutes? Temps?
  3. no transplanting no stressing no  new nute just i changed from drinking water to distilled water 
  4. I wouldn't use distilled water, unless my tap water was bad, if you have city water letting it sit out of or a day or two is your best way to go if you have a well as long as your ppm is low I would use it. Hard to really give any kind of advice with any pictures of the plants. What kind of growing medium, what size container, what kind of light, nutrients used and temps/humidity levels all useful information.
  5. Wilting is not a normal thing to have happen at any point in your grow. It's bad news for sure whatever the cause, especially if they didn't snap out of it with a watering. How often do you water, over watering can cause wilting. Watering to often without allowing the soil to dry out causes a lack of air to roots and root rot.
  6. I water 1 time per week (sometimes I do it a day earlier if I see signs of wilting) I do it in two rounds per cycle, pour a small puddle and let it sink while I give the rest of the plants their first round then do the same thing again for round 2. Tap water is very salty, not as salty as sea water but I do see salt crusting accumulated over time around the tap. I'll take pic when the lights go on..
    Don't plants usually move when the environment changes?? I notice my plants move when they get watered or I rotate them or move them.. they are in a different room with a different light cycle and different room temperature (81 to 83 F) and different humidity (29%) and different water..
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    you had told GrimLock the plant didnt undergo stress, but you said you move it into a whole 'nother world essentially. That *might* be it right there. if you just took them from the one enviroment to the next abruptly, they might be in shock. the only difference i would have in the two rooms to begin with would be the light schedule change. the gradually make changes to the enviroment.

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