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    They're three weeks old since they sprouted, have been doing wonderfully until I noticed the gnats. The leaves were getting droopy, curling, and unhealthy. I dried out the soil, washed the leaves with organic insecticidal soap, and put a slice or two of potato to draw them out. They're all gone, but the plant still is fading. The soil is MG organic orchid soil, water with distilled only when dry. I only could test the ph of the soil, and its right on the mark of 6.6. I have two 4' t8 fluorescents about 2in from the tops of the plant. The leaves are shriveling and browning. Any help?


  2. looks something like a problem i had check the soil for aphids
    if you have to take the plant out of the pot and look very good
    the bugs are gray are 1/16 of a inch long
    if you find them use malathion then wait about 1 week then repeat
  3. Looks like that soil is burning the plant perhaps, they start feeding around 2-3 weeks. Just a guess, the ph sounds OK but looks like some leaves are twisting and edges burning. Can you post a pic of the plant in general? Maybe something else will stand out.
  4. greetings gcworld,

    I don't see where you ever treated the soil, the gnats children could be feasting away on your roots. I'd mix up a strong mixture of hyrogen peroxide and soak the soil at least once. I've seen people on here say that you should use a tablespoon or two in a gallon of water. I would have to disagree with this. I use 3% hydrogen peroxide at a 50 50 mixture with water. Bugs hate this and the plants love it. good luck
  5. Perhaps the 24/0 light schedule is too much for them. I placed them on 20/4 and they're perking up right. If I see even a single bug im going to try the peroxide, but as of now, it seems that after giving them some time to rest in the dark, they've recuperated. Im starting to guess that even though those gnats are gone, the insecticidal soap is no good. If the plants start turning downwards, I'll place more pictures. Didn't think that light could have such an effect.
  6. im going to say 100% of your problem is your soil. the slow release nutes in the soil burn the piss out of plants. could be PH lockout due to lack of or too much calium. droop could be coming from a few things, too much watering would be the most common. potassium def. can cause some droop and crispy leaves as well. all of these problems can be caused by the MG soil. i use to do a 24/0 cycle but after switching to 18/6 i would never go back. plants in essence are like humans feeding and storing energy during the day and using it at night. MJ is a special plant though that does not require a dark cycle during the veg state but mother nature has been doing her thing for millions of years why not follow her lead ha. i guess what im really trying to say is transplant her into some quality soil, and if she likes the dark period then keep it going.

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