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  1. Good afternoon everyone,

    I am currently for the first time trying to clone my mother AK47 plant, and first time around my clones after one week showed no signs of roots, so I threw them out (probably a little premature). Anyhow, I’m trying it again and this is how my clones look after 4 and 5 days (metal pot, plastic bin, respectively)


    Cut at 45, skimmed the bottom of them, inserted into gel, the into the soil. Organic soil, misting twice a day under a makeshift humidity done. 3 feet from 600w. How do these clones look? Do things seem okay? Where could I improve? When do you think I should see some actual sign of life using the method I am? Any input is appreciated.

  2. How hot is it in your tent or room? can any air get in the humidity dome? They look like they're to hot
  3. Usually takes around 10-14 days to get some good roots going. I have great luck with using a clear cup to cover them( or bottom part of a water bottle) and misting the inside of the cup. Take it off a few times a day for fresh air and re mist the cup. I don't know about the metal pots, could make it either too cold or too hot to root.

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