Wilting And What Else?

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  1. Right, i actually may have access to borrow a hydro system from my brother-in-law, he's the one who lent me his HPS system. But idk if he still has everything for it... But i may try that on my next grow, which will be sooner than later if i cant get this PH to balance out...
    When you get gear and get ready Ill help all I can.
    simple complete hydro kits are cheap and work great. all you need to get started.
    I want to throw dirt clods and people who say hydro is hard or expensive because its not.
    Flushing is going to stunt the plant for 1 or 2 weeks no matter what. you may as well wash the root off and put into some better soil.
    Some soil with no big issues like what you have.
  3. Are there any guidelines i can follow for buying soil at local big box stores then, if thats the case..?
  4. Awesome, thanks!
  5. Ive pH tested and found the worst looking one has a ph of 6.5 but the ones that dont look as bad have a ph of what looks like 7.7. Why would the one with the proper pH be the worst looking one..?
  6. How exactly are you testing it..
  7. I have one of those electronic testers with the probe you put into the dirt and it reads the pH
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    That isn't very accurate. Check the runoff ph
  9. This morning i was looking at them and noticed the worst looking one turned out to be make so i went ahead and clipped him. Gonna do a distilled water flush in an hour or two, will i really be looking at stunted growth for the next two weeks? BecUse by then i had hope to switch over to flower
  10. Id say about 5-10 days. And thats fine usually they will double-triple their size in flower so its perfect timing either way.
  11. Besides first week or two of 12/12 doesn't really count as flowering
  12. Perfect. Thanks man, i appreciate your help. Ill post back with results in a week or two
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    Woah, what happened there?

    Not a problem bud. Sounds awesome.
    I just flipped my girls to 12/12 on the 3rd. Heres a pic of my baby ^.^

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  14. I cut the male, i found he was male and it was a slight relief considering he looked the worst, the other two are showing girls, and i have flushed, it drained well i wasnt able to test the ph cus after flushing i realized i didnt have a liquid ph kit... But im going to be more careful from this point forward and stick to fix farm instead of going with big box stores!

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