Wilting And What Else?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by onelovekid, Aug 11, 2014.

  1. I went on vacation for three days, now i come back and my plants look terrible, I had a trusted friend watch after them for my short trip, and upon my return, they look aweful, is it just under watering? Or is there something more i can do for them? The worst part is, he told me they are doing great.... ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1407787782.994590.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1407787793.044972.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1407787801.594223.jpg
  2. Depends . If he over waterd or underwaterd . Under give them water and over dont wait for dry soil . Shud be good after a cupl days but if not sorry man them plants looklookiin scary

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  3. Im just really worried, thing is my buddy has experience bringing a plant up to flower and thats why i entrusted him with house sitting, but now my faith is being lost, does it look like any bite deficiency, or just a serious case of under watering.? He said he watered then on sunday...
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    Oh man that is NOT over or underwatering. You got some mad pH problems going on I'm guessing. Honestly I would say check your runoff pH to make sure
  5. Okay, well my soil Ph reads at about 7.5-7.0. Ive looked up ways to try to lower it to a more moderate 6.5 but everything i read tells me to add all these chemicals that i dont know where to find, so if you could get me some info in lamens terms itd be greatly appreciated
  6. And something i could find at a Walmart or big box store cus I'm sure I've begun to run way out of time to wait a week for shipping.
  7. Ive thought my PH was a bit high since i began them, but they have came this far, but everything i see on adjusting soil pH is about mixing soil but they are already in pots, so im past "mixing soil" what can i add to my water or something to make it so that they can absorb the nutrients they have available? Would simply flushing them out with water help? Please help guys...
  8. Get distilled water from walmart and flush the hell out of it... it will bring your ph back. Then beat your friend!
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    Yup go with I79. Distilled water has a pH of 6.5-6.8. Do you have ph down?

    If you do make your flush water about 6 6.3 that will help lower it a bit faster than leaving it where it is.
    If you don't have any ph down itll take a lot of flushing but I've done it before
    (Of course my problem was it was too acidic not the other way around)
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    I think walmart sells gallons for a buck or two. It may take a gallon for each pot so grab a couple
  11. I actually dont have any PH down, wiukd u still suggest a gallon per pot?
  12. Yup maybe grab 3 or 4
    Just to be safe
  13. You're going to leach out all of that nasty shit... just wait about 5 or 10 minutes between each gallon.
  14. Well they're small pots he'll probably only be able to do like a half litre at a time.

    So it's gonna take a while to go through my friend,but stick it out!
  15. Will they make a turn around? Should i keep my eyes peeled for the leaves to perk back up or will they just stay that way and stop degrading..? Im just freaking out cus i was watching them so closely, and then in three days all goes to shit!
  16. Just take it moment by moment. You're not out of the woods... but Canadian Organic knows his shit. Do as he suggests and you'll have a fighting chance of saving it.
  17. Those plants are so ugly Id take them out of the pot, wash off all the soil from the roots and carefully re-pot into good soil.
    It looks that drastic to me.
    I can take a fucked up soil plant, wash the roots off and have it kicking ass in a week running hydro.
    People say hydro is tough but its soil where you fuck up and its hard to fix and takes a week or two. With hydro 10 minutes and all is perfect again.
  18. Thanks for the kind words Insider :)

    And Snoop, you must teach me sometime; I'd love to mess around with hydro. Gotta get me a ppm meter first!
  19. I mean why would the soil be so awful, besides its PH? I get that the PH is off, but i feel like if i tried doing all of that washing the roots id just stress them all the way to death at this point. I respect that you could do it, but I'm a newbie, Snoop, you should know that, always popping up in my threads to help out, and i don't have the resources to go hydro... Is flushing not going to take care of the problem? I realize they arent lookig good, thats why im posting, if they looked great I wouldnt have asked for help...
  20. It will help... he's just giving perspective from hydro. That's why others choose that route.

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