wilting 10 days into flowering

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  1. It's just 1 plant out if the 5. I believe the problem is because its been so hot the last week in my area, 98-102 degree, and because its the biggest in the garden, that the combo of heat and switching to flowering, the 2 feedings a day weren't cutting it for this purp urk. So I added another fan into the garden and added 2 more 20 minute floodings to the timer. I also noticed tgat this purp urk's rockwool cube was way lighter them the others.
    The last picture when she was healthy was only 3 days ago, the other picture is of the whole garden yesterday.

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  2. Got bugs? Fungus gnat larva will eat your roots and a bad infestation will do that. Not saying thats it but it's wort ruling out. Look for little flys mostly around the roots.

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