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  1. Hey GC, I could not find a good answer about this so I am posting it up.

    I have 3 plants that are starting to bud and I know they needed more sun light, so last night I replanted them it a better spot and this afternoon they are all wilted. I know how to transplant right and everything I am just asking this to get some assurance about the issue.

    I heard that they would do this for a day or two after the transplant, if this is ture or not please say so, but check the pic and post what you know.

    Thank-you! :hello:

    PS. It is sideways I know lol, I did that to get all 3 plants, I grow in small clusters lol thanks again!

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  2. its normal for them to do that. its petty big for it to die now. its just in shock and im sure will bounce back in 2 days.
  3. you should of watered it after transplant with like 5 gal of water and at night a bit as well. Thats what i did with my transplants and they never lost a step.
  4. Haha I did something like that lol, I had everything to prevent shock but today I check them and they are still a bit wilted but not as much as they are in the picture. I hope by tomorrow that they are all back to normal, I added some extra nutrience with the water I watered them with this morning.

    Thanks for the answers
  5. Water them with some vitamin B added.
  6. <I apologize if this is the wrong place to ask, but I have a wilt problem, too, so it caught my eye.>
    About a week ago, I noticed leaf droop on top of one plant, so I checked ph and it was 7.4. Not sure what I was smoking at the time, but my dummass added small amount of lime and foliar fed it with baking soda; in other words, just the opposite of the correct response to the slightly high ph. Realizing my error, 48 hours ago I flushed it good, but ph remains at 7.4 and drooping continues, though not on bottom two-thirds of plant.
    1. Should I foliar spray with vinegar (1 tsp/gal dilution) to bring down ph?
    2. Or does the picture look more like heat stress? which is also possible.
    3. She is currently at 42 inches, and since it's only first week of flowering, I assume she will g-r-o-w plenty; so, is it too late to top it?

    Pertinent Data: Indoor grow, organic potting soil, two White Widow plants, each under three 150-watt, CFLs, one 90-watt fluro spot, 248-LED Red light, two inches away; one is fine, the other is not; 8 days into flowering, 10-inch pot, 78 degrees, no insects.

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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  7. man, that looks bad, my guess would be go out and buy some good plant food and give it enough plain water too... My plants are looking better btw,

    can any1 help wit his prob?

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