Wilted leaves and bites in leaves

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  1. EA977D14-C12E-4F11-89A2-A464B68C94B0.jpeg C49F4DBD-26D8-4F2B-B3E7-950D52C5A5CC.jpeg 80FF3C19-79E2-483C-B89E-B5EF23F81658.jpeg Hello. This is my first grow and I have had some fun with it. It is about 5-6 weeks from sprout and I have just turned it to flower. I have a small tent with a 300W uv light above it about a foot and a half to two feet away from the top of the plant. It is a hydroponic system and I have been using flora micro, bloom, and gro for nutes as well as some hydroguard. About a week ago I noticed the plant leaves to start looking waxy and have now noted that my leaves are hanging very low and it looks like something has ate part of one of my leaves. I have no idea what’s going on and don’t want to lose my plant but I know it is not growing how it should be. Any tips/thoughts on what’s going on would be extremely helpful. Thanks.

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  2. send natural light pictures. if anybody tells you advice with the pics your showing you should not listen to it.
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  3. Okay I will later today! I had more pictures but they didn’t upload correctly it looks like. When I get back home I will upload more. Thanks
  4. E0BFE3F2-9C52-4C8E-B89C-65A2D5409414.jpeg 65D3518E-5382-4501-B666-39AA3237B163.jpeg C3889CB6-B067-478F-ABEB-903FE40EF8FB.jpeg Here are some pictures with a regular phone light. Tell me if I should take more
  5. Nitrogen toxicity. I'd flush and cut way back on the nitrogen. Very, very low nitrogen during flower.
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  6. did you spray something onto these plants?
  7. I have not sprayed anything on to the plant and was actually wondering if I should mist them with water as I never have before/ if so how often. But also I can believe that this is nitrogen toxicity like Archie ooglie said because I flushed and added nutes at the beginning of my 5th week(11/8) thinking i was going to veg the whole week(more nitrogen then when in veg flower) and instead changed lights to flower two days after that(11/10). what is odd is that I first noticed the leaves beginning to wilt before week 5 around (11/6) and had it in incorrectly ph'd water that was probably a tad bit too high in ph that hadn't been changed or fed in a 2 week period due to traveling. It definitely is at the right ph now(5.8) but I want to do whats best for it. If that is let it absorb this water and keep the same water and nutes/ change it and add less this time? Im not sure, just giving some background here, but am willing to do anything to keep it growing the best way. Thanks
  8. the bloom has zero nitro in it. if they were over n it would be curling down leafs. are you using any veg nutrietns? there is a lot of yellowing going on. what is the water temp as well? looking @ the last picture the plant looks like it drying up or being burnt but i dont think its a nutrient issue or heat issue . can you lift the plant and snap some pics of the roots ?
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    F8A1FBCD-2B8F-46D0-98BB-87EB57F12314.jpeg E6990825-6BFC-4EC7-9AB3-EEA704104231.jpeg 05711E81-7CB4-4592-9974-ECB0853A7925.jpeg
    Here are the nutrients I have been using and a picture of the roots. I also noticed a small fuzzy white growing at the bottom of the plant which I hope isn’t mold. Water temp should be right around or under 70 I’ll check later today.
  10. Ph should be 5.7- 6.3
    Ppm for a plant that size should be around 300.
    If not, fix it and you'll be good.
    She looks about 10 days old so I'm guessing you've been feeding it at least half the recomended dose and not ph'ing it which stunted her?
    Basic rules of hydro.

    In veg the ph of the res rises so you start at 5.7 and let it drift up to 6.3 before adjusting it back down.

    In bloom the ph of the res drops so you start at 6.3 and let it drop to 5.7 before bringing it back up.

    Always empty the res every 7-10 days. Keeps the nutrients well balanced and most importantly keeps it all clean.

    Lastly, throw the feeding schedule in the bin. That's what the ppm meter is for.
    Ppm goes up, the mix is getting stronger so you add more water.
    Ppm goes down, the mix is getting weaker so add more nutes.
    Ideally you want the ppm to be dropping slightly from day to day. That means the plant is taking everything as and when It pleases and the nute strength is spot on.

    Follow those rules and by this time next grow that 1 plant will be outgrowing a 1m tent with ease.

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  11. i am thinking root issues. is that slime on some of the roots. sorry for the slow reply.
  12. 80 % of the roots are white as they should be but the back has brown slimy looking.
  13. I’m thinking there isn’t much I can do. That white on the bottom is definitely spreading and I think somehow there was mold. The plant isn’t looking to be growing too well
  14. You’ve been growing that for 6 weeks?! That plant should be massive. I’d say it is maybe 20% of what it should be. What does your feeding schedule look like?

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  15. best solution for you is dump the hydro plant it into soil run the plant 24/7 for about 2 weeks it will recover. your water temps must be well out of the proper range hot. what are your water temps? you can throw frozen water bottles into the water to keep it cool
  16. Sm90 will 100% fix any root rot/ slime issues in a few days.
    Reset the res to 300ppm at ph5.8 and you'll be fine. That's literally all you need to do. Pretty much every problem in hydro can be fixed by just doing that. Bigger plants go for a higher ppm obviously but that's all there is to it.
    Just follow the numbers on the sticks mate its that easy.
    I run my res at 29*c most of the time and don't get any problems as long as I use sm90.

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  17. B01558D3-9A4D-4391-98C3-2747179047F5.jpeg C1F9E8C6-6767-4DEE-A3AC-FFB145A473BD.jpeg Took someone’s advice and got some water from my local heb and got all the levels right. Here she is now. Sorry for the quality of pics but I think everything is going well! Thanks everyone that helped!

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