Wilted Clones - 4 Weeks Old - Please help!

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  1. Hi guys!

    Recently clipped some clones (4 weeks ago now) had them under a small CFL for 2 weeks in the dome, they rooted well so i have transplanted them to their next pot.

    They now sit under a 250w MH light (40cm from the tops). They are in soil being watered 50ml every 3 days or so. No nutrients yet, just plain tap water. Temps vary between 28 degress for the high and 15 degree for the low. (At night). As for the humidity i generally try to keep it around the 50-60% mark.

    Since being transplanted into their new pots and put under the 250w MH they have shown signs of wilt. For the past 2 weeks they have been growning extremely slow and do not look vigourous at all. They seem to have a decent root system going (i can see roots at the bottoms of the pots).

    I am stumped as to why they are not thriving and taking off, i feel like they seem very small for 4 week cuttings and do not looo super healthy.

    Any advice to get these ladies thriving again would be much appreciated!

    Thanks in advance guys! Please see pictures.

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  2. Just to give you an idea how week 4 need to be i add photo.
    I see few problems that for sure slow you growth and on this way look like you gonna get 30g from each plant.

    1. Lights - your light is not good enough for all this plants.
    2. Humidity try keep around 65-70 during veg.
    3. Transfer the plants to 5 Gallon. No need to transfer alot its shock for the plants.
    4. Why you not feed them yet? Plant on this age need to get feed.
    5. Your soil look really bad.

    All this together is results of what you see

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  3. They are starving....
  4. Thank you very much for the information! Yours are only 4 weeks old? They look huge! What PPM are they on and what lights do you have them under? Thanks for thr input. Very much appreciated.
  5. In terms of not enough nutrients or not enough light? They are under a 250w MH.
  6. I use Samsung Q.B 240w 3000k+660mn

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