Wilson's suicide attempt

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  1. anyone else getting sick of this crap? every time some star OD's on their drug of choice it's a suicide deal

    course none of these folks would get work down the line if they openly told people they just fucked up when they dosed instead they gotta be troubled to be seen as a victim

    lol since this thread is a pretty pointless rant lets place bets on which star will OD next

    I'm thinking nicole richie is gonna OD on booze 'n blow in the next few months at some local Miccy D's drive thru

    lol hopefully I'll be there to honk her itty bitty rack while paris runs in circles saying 'this is so not hot!'
  2. Who's Wilson?

    Edit: I just googled that shit.. and yea that sucks that he tried to kill himself, but who are we to judge whether or not he had problems or did this for attention, clearly something was wrong, despite the money he is a person, just like you and me.
  3. Owen Wilson: wedding crashers, you me and dupree, starsky an hutch........

    i think in the article it said he "took pills and cut his wrists in an attempt to end his life" not exactly ODed on anything, although he might have, we have no idea what "pills" he took
  4. If he really wanted to kill himself, he would have done it.

    It's not hard.
  5. taking pills and cutting your wrists won't really do it, if he was serious he would cut longways down his arm. i bet he just wants attention.
  6. ^^ i like attention, but i dont cut my wrists to get it

    I mean, when youve been in 20+ movies, I think thats enough attention. Id say attention is the least thing he wants. Any hollywood star involved in anything like this would have been bashed the same way.

    "lindsay lohan does cocaine and doesnt wear panties because she wants attention" -- I think this particular circumstance is alittle different
  7. I hope he gets better. There's no way I'm going to harsh on someone that attempted suicide. I've been there a few times.
  8. the point is if he really wanted to die then he would have
  9. So? Maybe he almost wanted to die. I've been there, too.
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  10. I'm woiht the Hempres on this one, besides none of us realy know why he did waht he did , only Owen Wilson himself.
  11. been there as well more than once since teens

    what I meant was some of these stars probably didn't shoot for suicide

    my guess is he took a bit too much of some opiate and the PR folks who rangle 'em cleaned things up by laying down a suicide attempt in place of a simple OD since disturbed people are more or less accepted while drug users (downy jr. ect) are usually considered outcasts
  12. That is very possible. If that's the case, then I hope he learns moderation. Harder drugs are fun sometimes but you have to be careful.
  13. def. since opiates are hard to ditch when you've got massive sums of cash 'n connections that'll toss you anything you need or want

    when ya over do it on 'em your body is screaming at ya for the next week or so but in the end you usually go right back to the same level of use that made ya feel like shit

    if thats the case he'll probably try to keep it down seeing as he had to bow outta some new flick he was in
  14. i dont think he just od'd i think he wanted to die hes like almost 40 no kids never married and Kate Hudson who in my opionion is pretty dam good looking just left him and was seen all over some other guy that right there would probably be enough to send me over the edge and that fact he supposedly hangs out w/ mad people in the coke scene anyway i feel bad for the guy personally and now he cant even look at a tv w/o being reminded of it

  15. x2!!!
  16. Didn't he do that in the royal tennenbaums?
  17. He probably took a pill too many, and slit his wrists on the comedown. Not suicide. Suicide attempts ae almost always for attention.
  18. It's not always like that at all, you can't judge someone you don't know about whether or not they wanted to actually die.

    Also, there have been plenty of other attempted suicide cases where people actually thought what they did would have killed them, but it didn't. I saw one kid who shot half is face off with a shotgun, and lived.
  19. Hah, yeah that's what I was thinking. Creepy, huh?
  20. maybe this will help you guys understand why he would do that, owen wilson has been addicted to heroine on and off for 10 years, i would have never guessed with all the aewsome movies hes made in the last 10 years

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