willy wonka gets a makeover with johnny depp

Discussion in 'General' started by sensimil, Jan 31, 2004.

  1. Depp would make a great Oompa Loompa...
  2. your right, that would be very interesting.
  3. I thought they had already started filming it but I guess I was wrong.

    It'll be cool, I'm sure. I couldn't imagine it being better than the original but it could easily happen with special effects, Burton's crazy mind and Depp's acting. I'd like to see a remake of The Wizard of Oz. I love the classic and always will but I think they could really do some trippy stuff with it now.
  4. johnny depps the man. Hunter S. Thompson, Captain Jack Sparrow, Edward Scissor Hands. he should kickass as willy wonka.
  5. ^ o yea, and George Jung too, he is kick ass!

    I read about this in some magazine that had an interview with Depp, he said he was really exicted to do it, and hoped it would actually happen (this was when it was still just being talked about)

  6. Just watched that movie last night, really good...

    I had a tear in my eye in the last scene...
  7. I'm going to see that.
  8. as much as i love depp noone and i mean NO ONE can ever beat wilders' performence in the original. that was just amazing. my all time favorite movie because of him. hell they even made the little cartoon wonka after wilder lol. i wish they wouldnt remake it... o well
  9. Depp should do a pretty good job. When I heard they were making another Wonka, I was afraid they were going to put Jim Carrey as Willie. I like Carrey OK, but I don't think he'd been too good of a Wonka though.

  10. haha how could i forget blow! that movie was awesome. lol paul rubbens was fucking funny as derek ferreal
  11. yea it'd be cool if he played as him...but it'd be better if they didn't aim this towards kids. i'd like it to be more of a stoner move.... the first one was, imo
  12. I already know Depps gonna do great. Hes mad versitial.

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